Dialogue about Marielle’s possible killer proves that the abyss has watched us – 05/04/2023

A operation “Venire” exposes, like few episodes, the quality of, shall we say, the elite that governed us for four years. And, it seems, we will never reach the height of astonishment because the scum that came to power in 2019 do not cease to give us new reasons. Were it not for the barbarities that are still there and those to come, there is an impressive past. As you have seen, the death of Marielle Franco appears in a dialogue between Colonel Mauro Cid, Jair Bolsonaro’s former assistant (especially for suspicious cases), and a certain Ailton Barros, a retired military man, now a lawyer, a friend of the “Mito “.

The dialogue retrieved by the Federal Police captures a conversation between Barros and Cid. The first tells the boisterous colonel that he is taking care of the “mission”. Which? According to the investigation, it was a question of defrauding the vaccination record of Beatriz Ribeiro Cid, Mauro’s wife. Cid’s interlocutor emphasizes his mission:
“Because the thing is really tricky, and no one can be exposed, right?, particularly, particularly, who you know, right? You can’t be. But it’s going well.”

Since this was an arrangement for Cid, and given his position in the government, perhaps he himself was the person not to be exposed. It would not be Barros who performed the service. He allegedly delegated the task to then Rio councilor Marcello Siciliano (PHS). And he explains why:
“He’s a politician, right?, councilor here in Rio de Janeiro, he knows how to solve it, right? He is my strongest option to solve this issue of, of, of, of our friend, you know? And he didn’t solve it, the brother… Then he fucked up. But, I truly believe he’s going to give us bingo.”

Cid worries because Siciliano appears to be involved in Marielle’s death at the time. He was even named as the mastermind of the crime, but the Police came to the conclusion that it was a plantation to keep them away from the real killers. Faced with the colonel’s obstacle, Barros was emphatic:
“I know the whole Marielle thing, brother; I know who sent it. I know the whole damn thing. Got it? [Siciliano] You’re on your ass at that stop over there.”

Obviously, Bolsonaro’s right-hand man was not interested in finding out who the real killer was. To remember: Barros is also a friend of Bolsonaro. He even participated in a live with him in February 2022, as reported by Folha. He ran for state deputy for the PL of Rio, but was not elected. He often attended events sponsored by the then president.

But would that all be the same? Would Sicilian help Cid just for his beautiful eyes? The other makes it clear that it is not:
“At that time [em que foi citado no caso Marielle], the police asked for his visa to be suspended so he could not leave while they were being investigated. But there’s nothing. He wasn’t indicted, it wasn’t anything, and that’s exactly what he wants to talk to the consul about. [Dizer:] ‘Look, I was wronged. There’s nothing against me, no lawsuits, I wasn’t denounced, it wasn’t anything like that, I don’t record anything, it was an injustice that the press did to me and I need to travel.’ So he wants to talk and he wants to explain this situation.”

Cid does not hesitate and says:
“Leave it to me. I’ll try to take a look and sort it out.”

The US Embassy and Consulate in Rio did not respond to Folha if the meeting took place or not. Cid and Barros are under arrest. Siciliano was one of the targets of the search and seizure warrant.

We live the experience of the abyss. Hard to believe we survived. Note, by the way, what is the “footprint” of Bolsonaristas on the network and where the former president himself tries to escape. Evidence of registration fraud is stark, including Bolsonaro’s. And it is already known that the system was triggered at the Palace in Planalto.

Bolsonaro, of course, denies everything or says he knows nothing. Or both things at the same time. If you open your eyes and ears well, you will see that the former president seems even more concerned with demonstrating that he actually did not take the vaccine than with denying the fraud. Fanatics of it can tolerate crimes. The vaccine? Never. We looked into the abyss, and the abyss looked back at us.

Three days before that conversation, Barros was with Bolsonaro at a military ceremony. Abyss.

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