Diane Sawyer Lists Incredible 20-Acre Martha’s Vineyard Beachfront Estate For $24 Million

In 1989, Diane Sawyer married film/theater producer Mike Nichols on Martha’s Vineyard. Six years later they paid $5.3 million for a vacation home on the island. And not just a “home.” An incredible estate called “Chip Chop” that spans 20 acres and features endless private beachfront on one side and Vineyard Sound on the other.

And today Diane decided to list Chip Chop. She is seeking…

$24 million

Check out the video tour which was just posted by Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate:

According to a profile in the Wall Street Journal, the construction of Chip Chop began in the late 1930s. It was designed by architect Eric Gugler who worked on a White House renovation for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The property was commissioned by a stage actress named Katharine Cornell. World War II caused a delay. Construction of the main house was completed in 1945.

Mike Nichols began visiting Martha’s Vineyard in the 1960s when he was first becoming world-famous as a Broadway director. Capitalizing on his newfound theater prominence, one day Mike was able arrange to visit Katharine Cornell at Chip Chop. As Diane recounts it, Mike fell in love with Chip Chop on that visit. And as luck would have it, in 1995 they were able to purchase the property for the previously-mentioned price of $5.3 million.

In addition to a 5,000 square-foot main house (which has 10 chimneys for some reason), there are multiple guest houses, a tennis court and two very large private beaches.

At the peak of her career Diane Sawyer was the highest-paid woman on television, earning $22 million per year as anchor of “ABC World News.” In New York City she owns a unit in the ultra-exclusive and celebrity-friendly building, The Bresford.

Chip Chop is a 30 minute drive directly across the island to the southern shores where you will find the $11 million estate that belongs to Barack and Michelle Obama. Other celebrity residents of the exclusive island include Larry David, James Taylor and Carly Simon.

James Taylor owns a 145-acre estate on the island. He and Carly lived together at his house when they were married from 1972 1983. Upon their breakup Carly bought her own property on the island. Amazingly, despite the fact that they both live full-time on what is a relatively small island, Taylor and Simon have not seen or spoken to each other once since their break up in 1983. Not even a single run-in at the market.

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