Did Zack Green Leave WBZ? Where is Zack Green Now?

Who is Zack Green?

Zack Green is a highly proficient American journalist, renowned for his role as an anchor and weekday morning meteorologist at CBS4 – WBZ-TV. With a strong presence in the field of broadcast journalism, Zack has become a familiar face for viewers in the Boston area. His dedication and expertise are evident in his role as the morning meteorologist, where he provides essential weather updates and forecasts for CBS Boston’s WBZ-TV.

Having earned a reputation for his professionalism and commitment to delivering accurate news and weather information, Zack Green plays a pivotal role in keeping the Boston community informed and prepared for various weather conditions. His contributions to CBS4 – WBZ-TV showcase his passion for journalism and meteorology, making him a trusted source for viewers who rely on his insights to plan their day and stay informed about the ever-changing New England weather.

Did Zack Green Leave WBZ?

No,  Zack Green is not leaving WBZ.  There has been no official announcement or confirmation regarding Zack Green’s departure from WBZ. While there have been rumors circulating online suggesting his potential exit from the network, it’s important to note that these are unverified speculations. Until an official statement is released by both WBZ and Zack Green himself, any claims about his departure remain unconfirmed.

Zack Green’s status with WBZ-TV should be considered unchanged unless there is an official announcement from the station or Zack Green addressing the matter. It is not uncommon for such rumors to surface in the world of media, but definitive information should be relied upon when determining the status of individuals in the industry.



Zack Green Early Life and Family

Zack Green’s early life and family background have remained relatively private. While it is known that he was born in the United States, specific details about his family members and upbringing have not been publicly disclosed. This level of privacy regarding his personal life is not uncommon among public figures, especially those in the field of journalism, who often prioritize maintaining a separation between their personal and professional lives.

The decision to keep his family information confidential allows Zack Green to focus on his career as a journalist and meteorologist without unnecessary intrusion into his personal life. As a result, the public has primarily come to know and appreciate him for his work at WBZ-TV, where he has earned a reputation for his dedicated reporting and meteorological expertise rather than his private family matters.

How Old is Zack Green?

As of 2023, Zack Green is 32 years old. Born in the year 1991 in Rhode Island, USA, specific details regarding his date and month of birth are currently not available. Zack Green’s age aligns with his career trajectory, showcasing that he has gained valuable experience and expertise in the field of meteorology and journalism over the years. His viewers love the depth of knowledge and dedication he brings to his role as a trusted weather anchor at WBZ-TV in Boston.

Zack Green Education

Zack Green’s educational background is marked by his pursuit of expertise in Atmospheric Sciences. He graduated from the University of Delaware, where he earned a degree in this field. His choice to study Atmospheric Sciences underscores his commitment to meteorology, which has become a significant part of his career as a meteorologist and weather anchor.

The University of Delaware is well-regarded for its programs in atmospheric sciences and meteorology, and Zack’s academic foundation there has undoubtedly contributed to his knowledge and proficiency in understanding and forecasting weather patterns. This educational background has enabled him to provide valuable insights and accurate weather information to viewers during his tenure at WBZ-TV, further solidifying his reputation as a trusted meteorologist in the Boston area.

How Tall is Zack Green?

Zack Green’s physical attributes include an average height of 5 feet 7 inches (about 170 cm) and a weight of approximately 70 kilograms. This description provides viewers with a sense of his physical stature, which is often of interest to those who follow television personalities. His height and weight fall within the typical range for an individual of his age and build.

While Zack Green’s height and weight are relevant details, it’s important to remember that his professional career as a meteorologist and journalist is primarily defined by his expertise, dedication, and the valuable information he delivers to the public through his work. These physical attributes, while interesting to some, do not overshadow his role as a trusted source of weather forecasts and news updates for the viewers of WBZ-TV in Boston.

Who is Zack Green Wife?

Zack Green is indeed a happily married man, and his wife’s name is Lauren. They entered into marital bliss in 2019. However, despite being open about his marital status, Zack has chosen to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to sharing details about his wife, Lauren. This discretion is in line with his overall approach of keeping his personal life out of the public eye, allowing him to focus on his career as a journalist and meteorologist.

Zack Green’s decision to keep information about his wife private is a common one among public figures, as it helps maintain a healthy boundary between their personal and professional lives. While fans and viewers appreciate his dedication to delivering accurate weather forecasts and news, they also respect his choice to shield his family from the media spotlight, allowing them to enjoy a more private and peaceful life.


Does Zack Green have Children?

Yes, Zack Green is a proud father. In October 2022, he and his wife Lauren welcomed a baby girl named Skylar, marking a joyous addition to their family. This exciting news was shared with the public, allowing viewers and fans to celebrate this special moment in Zack’s life. On his Instagram and Twitter pages, he posts many about her daughter, which shows how much he enjoys his fatherhood.


Zack Green Career

Zack Green’s career in meteorology has been marked by a journey across various locations in the United States. He started his television career in Montana and North Carolina, gaining valuable experience as he honed his skills as a meteorologist. This early exposure to different climates and regions likely contributed to his versatility in providing weather forecasts.

In June 2019, Zack joined WBZ-TV, where he currently provides weekday morning forecasts for the CBS News Boston live streaming network. Prior to his role at WBZ-TV, he served as the weekday morning meteorologist for NBC10 in Providence, Rhode Island. With a strong educational background in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Delaware, Zack Green’s career trajectory has positioned him as a trusted and experienced meteorologist, helping viewers stay informed and prepared for changing weather conditions in the New England area.

Zack Green Net Worth

Zack Green’s primary source of income is his career in television broadcasting and meteorology. As the weekday morning meteorologist for WBZ-TV’s live streaming network CBS News Boston, he likely earns a salary for his on-air contributions, weather forecasting, and reporting. Additionally, his role at WBZ-TV positions him to potentially receive income from various media-related opportunities, such as endorsements, appearances, or speaking engagements. It’s worth noting that television meteorologists like Zack Green may also benefit from contracts with their respective broadcasting networks, which can include negotiated terms and compensation packages.

Zack Green Net Worth


Zack Green

Net Worth

$1 Million – $5 Million



Source of income

Through his Journalism career


$70,000 – $125,000

Where is Zack Green Now?

Zack Green calls Boston, Massachusetts, USA, his home. He resides in this vibrant city along with his wife. Boston, known for its rich history, diverse culture, and renowned educational institutions, serves as the backdrop for Zack’s career as a meteorologist and journalist. Living in Boston allows him to be in close proximity to his workplace at WBZ-TV, where he provides weekday morning forecasts for CBS News Boston’s live streaming network.

While Zack Green’s professional life as a meteorologist keeps him busy in the bustling city of Boston, he also enjoys the many amenities and opportunities that this dynamic urban center has to offer. It’s in this vibrant city that he balances his career and personal life, providing valuable weather information to the residents of Boston while enjoying the cultural and recreational offerings of the area with his wife.

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