Difference over Calleri’s value makes Uruguayan club trigger FIFA to charge São Paulo

Tricolor claims it will pay as soon as the entity takes a position on the issue

A disagreement about how much São Paulo will have to pay to permanently hire striker Calleri made Maldonado, from Uruguay, trigger the Morumbi club in Fifa.

Calleri during training at the CT da Barra Funda (Photo: Reproduction/ São Paulo FC)

Calleri during training at the CT da Barra Funda (Photo: Reproduction/ São Paulo FC)

Photo: Lance!

The information was initially disclosed by the portal ‘TNT Sports‘ and confirmed by THROW!.

According to the vehicle, the Uruguayans charge US$ 400,000 (approximately R$ 2.1 million) for the rights of the Argentine, hired permanently by Tricolor in 2022.

Calleri arrived at São Paulo in 2021, still on loan, with a clause linked in his contract that provided for the definitive purchase by Brazilians if a series of goals were reached.

In the agreement between Tricolor and Maldonado, it was agreed that the amount of US$ 3 million (about R$ 15.8 million) would be paid in installments. The first, however, expired in January.

São Paulo complains that there is a difference in the amounts to be paid. The club points out that ‘talk with Maldonado and await Fifa’s position to pay whatever is determined by the entity.’

Last Friday (24), Calleri renewed his contract with Tricolor, his bond now runs until the end of 2026, one year longer than the original agreement.

In financial difficulties, the Morumbi club owes two months of image rights to its squad. Promise to pay soon. During the week, the club’s Board approved four bank loans, which will total an injection of around R$ 32 million into São Paulo coffers to alleviate some of the problems.

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