Different mascara wands have different effects on your lashes

Big, clunky mascara sticks are a nightmare when working with small, delicate lashes. There are many mascaras that you can use on your lower lashes, but finding a great mascara wand that you can use on both the top and bottom is obviously preferable. For this reason, miniature mascara sticks have become increasingly popular recently, and makeup artists around the world recommend you to make the replacement today.

Even Ariana Grande’s makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla, is on board. He told Allure that he prefers travel-size mascaras. “The wands are smaller, and that makes it easier for most people to apply mascara without it going everywhere.” Granted, a smaller mascara means you’ll run out sooner, but Chinchilla says that’s an advantage to using travel size products. “They don’t last that long, but you always have fresh mascara.”

The smaller size means the wand is easier to control, which is key to seamless mascara application on lower lashes. Many people have already switched to this type of mascara wand since it’s easier to apply multiple coats than to overdo the application all at once. By going slow, you can build the product onto your upper lashes while keeping your lower lashes minimal, which will help keep your lashes from clumping. This allows you to achieve a lash look that rivals that of the average sized mascara wand without the mess.

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