Diniz regrets lost chances for Fluminense and confirms tests in the second half: ‘Alternatives’

Tricolor technician takes advantage of an advantageous score to put John Kennedy on the field and try Alexandre Jesus as a right-back

April 12
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Fluminense forwards classification in the Copa do Brasil (Mailson Santana/Fluminense FC)

Fluminense forwards classification in the Copa do Brasil (Mailson Santana/Fluminense FC)

Photo: Lance!

After Fluminense’s 3-0 thrashing of Paysandu, coach Fernando Diniz explained the reason for the team’s success at the start of the season. For the coach, regularity and the team trying to be equal game after game are the main factors that motivate players to be intense.

– We are creating more and more commitment. It’s much more than the result and the opponent. Respect our work and fans. That was the conversation. We could have enjoyed it better. We created situations and could have expanded the scoreboard. In general, the team’s will and self-protection performed very positively. It is not equal and the main objective was to try to be equal – said Diniz. And he completed:

– We celebrated, we received the trophy, we didn’t have time to recover and train, but I think that if all the circumstances came together the way it was, the team managed to fulfill its role well.

With the scoreboard elastic, Diniz took the opportunity to test pieces on the team of Fluminense. For example: John Kennedy returned to play for Tricolor and Alexandre Jesus played as a right-back. For the coach, the result allowed him to experiment with alternatives in the team.

– He (Alexandre Jesus) has always trained in this position. I think it’s one of the alternatives to make the most of what he has to offer. We have a lot of players up front. There was Alan, who was injured. Lelê, John Kennedy, Cano, Keno, Arias. I think it’s a position where he could have a more promising future. As a striker, we already know him, because he played at base, the under-23 as a 9 and, sometimes as a winger. So we’re seeing if we can fit it into another function. The test was quite valid.



– I’m not thinking about this game yet. We will decide more calmly and when we get closer to the game. The team played a good game in general and, in the second half, we could have taken better advantage of the finals. We couldn’t zoom in. We had excellent defensive behavior. We had virtually no counterattack. It was a good match for the team.


– No. He was in the starting line-up for the last three matches. We have to be careful. Marcelo came from a time of absence, without playing and injury. In the last two seasons at Real Madrid he had played less as well. We are giving him condition in games and training so that he can evolve gradually. We are happy that he is here and has shown all his class and elegance in these three games, which were decisive for our achievements.


– I don’t know if he would be a starter, but he would be on the cake. The team has my face and my desire to play. I lived a very good moment at Fluminense in 2001 and 2002. At that moment I think I would have a vacancy.

– The feeling of that team was a very united team. There were no big stars, the most popular was Roger. But they had good players and a lot of unity. We competed in three Brazilian Championships. I have many good memories of that team, that environment and that’s where I started my relationship with Fluminense.

– I remember. Flávio played for me and I slapped him.

John Kennedy wore the Fluminense shirt again and almost scored a goal (MAILSON SANTANA/FLUMINENSE FC)

John Kennedy wore the Fluminense shirt again and almost scored a goal (MAILSON SANTANA/FLUMINENSE FC)

Photo: Lance!

Fluminense’s next mission will be against América-MG. The match marks the debut of Tricolor in the Brazilian Championship. The game will be on Saturday, at 4 pm, at Arena Independência, in Minas Gerais.

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