Direct payments to Indian mothers, converting offices to housing, newspaper run by homeless children

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, guaranteed income helps Indian moms escape poverty, how to convert office spaces to housing more efficiently, and the Delhi newspaper run by homeless children.

Guaranteed income helps Indian moms escape poverty

The Fund A Mom program is deceptively simple, it just provides $60 a month to struggling single moms in Jaipur, India. It has helped them acquire jobs, start businesses and educate their children.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

How to make office-to-apartment conversions easier

As offices lay vacant, urban planners see a solution for the housing crisis. New legislation would help fast track the conversions, allowing developers to put more apartments on the market quickly.

Source: Stateline

Fort Lewis College tackles student homelessness with rapid rehousing

The Colorado-based college provides short-term rental assistance and helps people obtain housing quickly. It has already helped more than 100 students in a community where 28% of students have reported being homeless at some point.

Source: The Colorado Sun

For the first time, wind generates more power than gas in the UK

Over the first three months of 2023, on-land and offshore wind power has generated more power than gas in the United Kingdom. Currently, 42% of the nation’s energy comes from renewable sources.

Source: BBC

FDA to allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood

In the past, gay and bisexual men had to go through a three-month deferral period before they would be allowed to donate blood. This regulation is being overturned in a bid to boost blood donations.

Source: Pinch News

Waste treatment plants could start producing biofuels

Human waste has the potential to be recycled into biofuels that are a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Waste treatment plants already have the materials in abundance.

Source: Monga Bay

Human hair could be used to clean up oil spills and as soil conditioner

Soilz Alive is a company that already uses recycled and processed human hair in soil conditioner which helps improve its quality. Hair could also be used to absorb oil during spills

Source: ABC News

How the American Indian Women’s Service League helped Seattle Natives

The Seattle Indian Center and the American Indian Women’s Service League, both founded by native women, have helped countless people in the Seattle area with food, as a daycare employment assistance and advocacy.

Source: Yes Magazine

The Greek skateboarders getting girls and refugees onboard

Erato* is a skateboarder who teaches refugees in her native Greece for the grassroots charity Free Movement Skateboarding. The group has created a new community for young refugees using public spaces across Athens.

Source: The Guardian

A landmark for the Delhi newspaper run by homeless children

Balaknama’s reports on sexual abuse, police brutality and child labour, written by teenagers, have transformed lives in India.

Source: The Guardian

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