Disenchantment Season 5 Ending Explained, Premise, Cast and More

Disenchantment Season 5 Ending Explained

In the much-anticipated final episode of Disenchantment Season 5, titled “Goodbye Bean,” chaos reigns supreme in Dreamland. Queen Bean, driven by her desire to rid the kingdom of magic forever, faces the daunting task of bringing order to a world plunged into turmoil. The death of God, the havoc in Dreamland, and the ultimate defeat of the enigmatic Queen Dagmar all culminate in a momentous climax.

With Dreamland saved, Queen Bean takes center stage, delivering a heartfelt speech to her loyal subjects, setting the stage for exuberant celebrations. Surprisingly, even her Pirate Stepmom, who is always ready for a good time, joins in the festivities. However, the shocker comes when Queen Bean announces her decision to step down, citing the need for a well-deserved break.

The townspeople respond with a humorous yet endearing gesture, throwing rotting vegetables at her. In a surprising twist, King Rulo selects Mop Girl as the new Queen of Dreamland, ushering in a new era for the kingdom.

The ending of Disenchantment Season 5 doesn’t stop there. It ties up loose ends by showing a sequence of every beloved character finding happiness in their own unique ways. Yet, the narrative takes an intriguing turn with a quick cut to Queen Dagmar, in a sinister encounter with Satan, leaving viewers with a hint of lingering mystery.

Ultimately, the series concludes on a poignant note with a final shot of Bean and Mora sharing a passionate moment on a tranquil beach at sunset, symbolizing a satisfying closure to the tumultuous journey of Disenchantment and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.


Disenchantment is a captivating American animated fantasy sitcom created by the renowned Matt Groening, famously known for his iconic works such as “The Simpsons” and “Futurama.” This series marks Groening’s first venture into the realm of streaming services, as it exclusively graces Netflix.

Set in the enchanting yet often chaotic medieval fantasy kingdom of Dreamland, the show weaves an engaging narrative centered around the spirited and somewhat unconventional princess, Bean. Alongside her are the ever-optimistic elf Elfo and the mischievous “personal demon” Luci.

Together, they embark on a series of adventures that offer a humorous and often satirical take on the classic tropes of the fantasy genre. With a stellar voice cast including Abbi Jacobson, Eric André, Nat Faxon, and other talented actors, Disenchantment brings its colorful characters to life in a way that only Groening’s unique comedic sensibilities can deliver.

Over the course of its run, Disenchantment has treated audiences to five batches of 10 episodes each, totaling an impressive 50 episodes. The series made its debut on Netflix in August 2018 with the first part, followed by subsequent parts in September 2019, January 2021, and February 2022, culminating in its fifth and final installment on September 1, 2023.

Throughout its run, Disenchantment has garnered generally favorable reviews, captivating viewers with its blend of fantasy, humor, and social commentary, making it a delightful addition to Matt Groening’s illustrious portfolio of animated classics.


Disenchantment Premise

Disenchantment unfolds its enchanting narrative within the captivating and fictional realm of Dreamland, a medieval European kingdom that serves as the backdrop for this animated series. At its core, the show delves into the life and adventures of a most unconventional trio: Princess Bean, a spirited and rebellious royal who also happens to have a penchant for alcohol; Luci, her equally unconventional “personal demon” who often leads her astray; and Elfo, an elf whose naivety stands in stark contrast to the chaos that often surrounds them.

Spanning four parts, the series takes viewers on a whimsical journey through the whims and woes of Dreamland, as well as other neighboring lands. Along the way, the trio stumbles upon hidden secrets and uncovers a gripping and intricate mythical conspiracy.

As they navigate the enchanting yet tumultuous world of “Disenchantment,” the characters develop, forming unlikely bonds and facing a myriad of challenges. With its blend of fantasy, humor, and the unexpected, the show invites audiences to explore the mysteries and follies of Dreamland, making it a captivating and unique addition to the world of animated storytelling.

Disenchantment Cast

Voice Cast


Abbi Jacobson 


Eric André


Nat Faxon 


John DiMaggio

King Zøg

Tress MacNeille 

Queen Oona

Matt Berry 

Prince Merkimer,

Maurice LaMarche


Sharon Horgan

Queen Dagmar

Disenchantment Episodes




Release Date




August 17, 2018




September 20, 2019




January 15, 2021




February 9, 2022




September 1, 2023

Disenchantment Trailer


Disenchantment Season 5 Release Time

The ultimate chapter of Disenchantment, Season 5, graced our screens with a set of 10 episodes, which were released on September 1, 2023.

Disenchantment Season 5 Review

Disenchantment Season 5 on Netflix shines as one of the platform’s finest animated series, boasting exceptional voice casting and the visually alluring world of Matt Groening’s imagination.

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