Disgusting! Inter star Lukaku racially insulted after Champions League final

Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku has been racially abused on social media after losing the Champions League final. The 30-year-old loanee from Chelsea came on as a substitute in the 57th minute of the 1-0 draw with Inter Milan against Manchester City in Istanbul on Saturday night. Shortly before the end he had a promising chance, which he was unable to take advantage of.

The Belgian is followed by almost nine million users on the Instagram network alone. In addition to a number of inhuman comments against Lukaku, numerous people condemned these statements.

Romelu Lukaku has already been racially insulted several times

Racist insults against the striker had already triggered a scandal in Italy last season. In the cup semifinals at Juventus Turin, Lukaku was verbally attacked by opposing fans in the stadium. His yellow-red card for a supposedly provocative goal celebration was subsequently withdrawn, as this was a reaction to the audible hostilities. (dpa/lmm)

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