Disney is suing Florida Gov. DeSantis over theme park dispute

Status: 04/26/2023 10:35 p.m

Disney against Florida’s governor DeSantis: There has been a dispute for months that is now entering a new round: the entertainment company has filed a lawsuit. It’s about “Disney World” and “a targeted campaign of retaliation”.

After the attacks by Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis against Disney, the group is now driving a tit-for-tat against the Republican. The US entertainment giant is going to court, accusing DeSantis of waging a “targeted campaign of retaliation” for Disney’s abuse of its right to free speech. The governor is threatening the company’s business and the economy of the entire region.

The background is a dispute over a law promoted by DeSantis. It bans teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergartens and in the first three years of primary school. The regulation has recently been in force up to and including the twelfth grade with a few exceptions. Disney had strongly criticized the controversial law.

One of America’s most conservative politicians takes on one of the country’s most conservative corporations.

Attack on the status of “Disney World”

After the Disney criticism, the governor passed a law that significantly restricts the self-governing status of the “Disney World” area with tax privileges, which has existed for decades. DeSantis argued that Disney “must not be allowed to govern itself” in Florida. He also recently threatened to set up competition near the amusement park in Orlando or even to build a prison. “We want to make sure Disney has the same laws that apply to everyone,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis drives a sharp right course in Florida and makes headlines with provocations. He is said to have ambitions for a Republican presidential candidacy for the 2024 election – as a rival to Donald Trump. So far, however, he has not officially applied.

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