DIY expert reveals six jobs you should “never” try to avoid costly “repairs and damage.”

Tim Warren, Adkwik’s DIY expert, said: “As with any weekend, some people like to use their days off to do chores around the house.

“While there are many relatively easy and straightforward DIY jobs out there, there are some that you should never attempt yourself and should always hire a professional to do.”

1. Plumbing

The professional explained: “While it may be tempting to install things like radiators, showers, bathrooms and kitchens to save money, these jobs can quickly go wrong.

“This can lead to expensive repair bills and damage, so it’s best avoided.” In many bathroom installations, bathtubs and showers are not sealed properly, leading to serious leaks.

Another problem is that the tub is not properly fixed, which can cause it to move or even fall through the floor.

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2. Strip paint

The DIY expert said: “Depending on the age of the paint, this could potentially pose health risks.

“Painting work done before the 1970s may have used lead-based paints. Therefore, it is best to bring in a professional to have this done in a safe manner.”

3. Installation of a dishwasher

Appliances like dishwashers need to be connected to both water and electricity, which means installation can sometimes be a tricky process.

A professional will have the right tools and experience to fit the device and ensure it doesn’t leak or become damaged.

4. Roof repairs

A roof will protect you from the elements, but only if properly installed or repaired. Therefore, this roof should be avoided at all costs

Tim continued: “No matter how well you keep your balance, a misstep on a roof can quickly lead to a fatal fall.

“Professional roofers can safely investigate problems without risking further damage, such as a roof collapse.”

5. Break down a wall

It might seem easy to grab a hammer and do this job yourself, but there are important checks that must be performed first.

One wrong move can destroy a supporting wall and cause objects, including the ceiling, to collapse.

If you’re looking to have a load-bearing wall removed, Checkatrade’s experts can say it can cost around £1,250 for a single door.

For Brits wanting to create a large open area this could be increased to £1,750 but is essential.

6. Cut down trees

Tim explained: “Large trees can cause a number of problems for surrounding homes but they require expert removal as it is no easy task.

“If you cut off a heavy trunk or branch incorrectly, it can cause damage to your neighbor’s property. There is also the risk of falling yourself or injuring those lying on the ground with branches.”

A professional arborist knows exactly how to control the removal of a tree and has the experience and tools to do the job properly.

The handyman added: “Before you do any DIY work, make sure you have the right tools and the right protective gear. If you are unsure or concerned about your safety, calling a trained professional is always better in the long run.”

Post source: Express

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