Dmitriy Salita is disappointed by the ‘false’ allegations in Jermaine Franklin’s lawsuit

Disappointed with Jermaine Franklin’s lawsuit, Dmitriy Salita insists “the truth” will come out when they go to court to discuss the matter.

Sportsmail exclusively revealed that Franklin filed a lawsuit against Salita promotions on Friday, March 24 – just seven days before his blockbuster fight with Anthony Joshua.

The American heavyweight is suing Salita Promotions for the percentage the company is entitled to “if they are not a promoter, co-promoter or involved in a purse bid.”

Franklin’s team believes Salita’s promotions have taken advantage of her current contract — particularly in circumstances where her “sole duty is to permit Franklin to compete in a boxing match.”

However, Salita insists his company has delivered everything it promised Franklin four years ago when they first signed him, saying the allegations in the lawsuit were “frivolous and false”.

Anthony Joshua and Jermaine Franklin will face off at the O2 Arena on Saturday night

The American heavyweight boxer (R) filed the lawsuit seven days before his fight with AJ (L).

Salita went on to say that he is “working tirelessly” to build the profile of the fighters he promotes and told Sportsmail he is focused on giving each of them the best possible opportunities.

Salita is also disappointed with the timing of the suit as he believes they should be celebrating an important fight and a life changing opportunity for Franklin to establish himself as a premier heavyweight.

Still, Salita has said his legal team will address the allegations in the lawsuit during their court battle, and insists “the truth” about the Franklin situation will come out.

Salita said sports mail: “It is unfortunate that we are discussing a lawsuit in a week when we should be celebrating an important fight and a life-changing opportunity for Jermaine Franklin to establish himself as a top-flight heavyweight.

“I was a fighter myself and as a promoter I work tirelessly to build the fighters I promote and give them the best opportunities.

“Jermaine’s first fight with Salita Promotions was his first fight on national television and his biggest payday of his career up to that point.

“Aside from a vote fight we arranged for Jermaine when he came out of bankruptcy, every fight since has been televised nationally with significant paydays.

“His last fight against Dillian Whyte was another career highlight for Jermaine, as was this Saturday’s fight against Anthony Joshua – and in terms of smart matchmaking, both were fights against big names who have shown weakness recently.

“These opportunities are the result of careful, focused work on behalf of Jermaine. When Salita Promotions signed Jermaine, few in the boxing industry knew his name.

“Now he is a real contender, known around the world and having the opportunity on Saturday night to change his life and that of his family. Those are the facts.

“Regarding the frivolous and false allegations in the court filings, my legal team will address the court and I am confident that the truth will come out.

‘Salita Promotions delivered everything they promised Jermaine four years ago when we first signed him and I look forward to seeing him deliver on his own promise with a great performance on April 1st.’

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