Do children’s sunscreen offer sufficient protection for adults?

Similar to certain products being segregated by gender, there aren’t always huge differences between sunscreens for children and adults. The main difference is that all children’s sunscreens are often mineral or physical sunscreens, but adult SPF can be physical or chemical. While the first two options are safe for a child, chemical sunscreen can damage their sensitive skin.

Otherwise, the coverage that a child’s sunscreen offers is also suitable for an adult. There’s no reason why an adult shouldn’t be able to use sunscreen on children – and vice versa. In fact, adults with sensitive skin can benefit from children’s sunscreens as there is less risk of them being chemical sunscreens. While mineral sunscreens reflect UV rays, chemical sunscreens absorb them. If you have to choose between mineral and chemical sunscreens, try the former first as your skin is unlikely to react negatively to it.

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