Do you know the difference between stretching and mobility? – 07/17/2023

Have you been stretching before your running workout?

Once I discovered the benefits of mobility, I never stretched before training again. Do you know the difference between stretching and mobility?

It’s been a while since I joined mobility to warm up before my running workouts and I’ve been watching how it’s been getting lighter and looser. In addition to an increasingly faster recovery, which allows me to push in the next sessions.

The difference between stretching and mobility is that stretching acts directly on the muscles, while mobility has direct action on the joints.

Many times, we even have flexible and elongated muscles, however, the joints are blocked. This brings the feeling of shortening and being “stuck”. Have you ever felt this?

While the focus of stretching is muscle, mobility is joint. Even so, it can help with flexibility by generating greater gains in neuromuscular capacity.

Among the benefits that my students have felt and shared after starting to practice mobility, these are the most talked about:

Increased range of motion, generating energy savings;
Less rigidity of muscles and tendons, reducing the risk of injury;
Improves postural control, generating more efficiency for movements and reducing day-to-day pain;
Attenuation of possible changes in central pain systems;
Increase in muscle strength, encouraged by possible increases in range of motion;

I particularly like to use this exercise as a pre-workout activation, check it out here:

You can repeat 1-2 sets before your workout, 8-12 reps each side.

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