Do you woman feel pain during sex? It could be vaginismus – 05/24/2023

Today I’m going to share with you a case that I recently experienced in the office and that highlights the importance of addressing issues related to pain and discomfort during sexual activity.

During a consultation, a patient addressed the reduction of libido and the constant presence of pain during sexual intercourse. As we explored further, I realized that this complaint was not new to her. She could never remember a time when her libido was satisfying and sexual experiences were truly pleasurable.

During the gynecological examination, it became evident that it would be extremely uncomfortable to perform the Pap smear collection due to vaginismus, a condition in which involuntary contractions of the vaginal canal occur.

It was clear that, over the years, she had normalized the pain, both from the gynecological exams and from sexual intercourse, as she had not received adequate care and guidance.

Unfortunately, this case is not isolated. Many people face sexual issues associated with vaginismus, and it is crucial that we understand the impact that pain during a gynecological exam and intercourse can have on quality of life.

It is not normal to feel pain in these situations.

Although the gynecological exam can be uncomfortable, this discomfort should not be painful or cause injury. In the same way, sexual relations should be pleasurable and comfortable, not marked by constant pain and fear.

Vaginismus is a condition characterized by altered contractions of the vaginal canal, often resulting from past trauma to the pelvic floor musculature, leading to contractions and tensions in the pelvic region during vaginal penetration, whether during sexual intercourse with and without penetration or gynecological examinations. .

It is something uncomfortable enough to make a person stop having sex and seek gynecological care, that is, vaginismus can affect sexual and gynecological health, putting at risk several issues ranging from interpersonal relationships to changes in the cervix that can go undiagnosed. After proper diagnosis, it is possible to seek treatment with pelvic physiotherapy, sexual therapy and gynecology.

If you or someone you know is going through this, remember that help is available.

Sex life should be lived with pleasure, comfort and safety. Don’t let vaginismus limit your intimate and affective experience.

Look for a healthcare professional for proper guidance and treatment.

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