Does Barbie’s real-life inspiration have a cameo in the film?

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Greta Gerwig opened up about Barbie’s brief encounter as an all-or-nothing moment and the Oscar royals’ involvement in making it happen. Ann Roth is a five-time Oscar nominee, winning two for The English Patient and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Gerwig shared her fondness for the sequence and the cameo in question, calling Roth a legend. Gerwig knows the scene didn’t add much to the story. Still, it’s something that captures everything the film is about in a microcosm and is just as beautiful and heartwarming as the rest.

Well done Gerwig kept it, even if after the film’s release she still can’t believe she did it. “In early cuts, when you watched the film, I was told, ‘Well, you could edit it.’ And indeed, the story would go on anyway.’ And I said, ‘If I cut the scene, I don’t know what this movie is about,'” Gerwig said. And Gerwig admits there are certainly wilder scenes left, including a dig at the Snyder Cut of Justice League. “But for me, the part I can’t believe that’s still in the film is this little dead end that goes nowhere — other than being the heart of the film.” And it’s an absolutely perfect beat.

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