Dog: These are the most expensive breeds in the world

Watch the video: Up to 1.4 million euros – these are the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

There are about 350 registered dog breeds worldwide. Some specific ones are particularly sought after because of their appearance, their rarity or their properties and are therefore also expensive. We name the four most expensive dog breeds worldwide.
The Tibetan Mastiff, also known as the Tibetan Mastiff, took first place. The breed from the Himalayas impresses with its size and strength and appears majestic with its lion-like coat. In Asia, dogs are considered a status symbol in some places. Some of the animals have already achieved top prices of up to 1.4 million euros. In this country, puppies of the breed cost from around €1500 to several thousand euros.
The Saluki follows in second place. A purebred Saluki of Arabic descent can cost up to €12,000. The Persian greyhound was once used for gazelle and hare hunting.
The pharaoh hound is the third most expensive dog breed. His intelligent, alert, friendly character and graceful looks mean that the price for a purebred puppy is around 6000 euros.
Fourth is the Canadian Eskimo Dog. In their homeland with the Inuits, the sled dogs are also used for hunting and guarding. A puppy of the spirited dog breed costs around €5000.

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