Doggy memes fighting misinformation, Dutch zero-emissions car, Japan’s zero waste village

NAFO fellas meme

Today in Squirrel News, an online army called NAFO uses witty memes to counter Russian disinformation, students invent a car that captures carbon, and we visit Japan’s zero-waste town of Kamikatsu.

Group uses memes to battle Russian disinformation

Meet the ‘fellas’ standing on the frontlines to counter Russian disinformation. The online movement came into being following often unsuccessful attempts to fight Russian propaganda.

Source: DW

Student team inventors car that captures carbon as it drives

With a sustainable future in mind, the Eindhoven University of Technology team in the Netherlands innovated a car made largely from 3D-printed recycled plastics and powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.

Source: Euronews

In Japan, a zero-waste town leads by example in sustainability

Kamikatsu is home to nearly 1,500 residents who sort their garbage into 45 categories. The small town is lauded for its sustainability efforts as well as its ‘enthusiastic human resources’.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Four start-ups on a mission to support public needs

An alliance has been formed to bring tech solutions to problems hounding local communities. They aim to tackle climate change by focusing on public infrastructure, among other objectives.

Source: Bloomberg

Non-profit sets youth up for success by providing homes

I Am You 360 provides shelter to unhoused youth. Through partner groups, it also helps tenants get medical and employment assistance.

Source: Yes! Media

Twin Cities helps immigrants navigate transit system

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota have restarted their Bus Buddies program aimed to be of service to new Americans. Under this initiative, volunteers assist immigrants and refugees who do not understand English.

Source: Next City

These Mates are Growing Mullets for Mental Health Research

Every September, Black Dog Institute (BDI) – a mental health research organization in Australia – runs the Mullets for Mental Health campaign, encouraging community members to grow mullets and fundraise together to support mental health research initiatives.

Source: Good Good Good

The catwalk with a difference: adaptive fashion comes to Azerbaijan

An enterprising student and a designer want to make attractive clothes that disabled people can wear – and model too.

Source: The Guardian

Organization pairs the elderly with younger housemates in response to heat waves

La Logitude is one of the organizations in France joining the intergenerational housing movement. The concept came after a deadly heat wave that hit France in 2003.

Source: grist

The gardener and landowner pairings making happy unions and plenty of produce

People keen to garden but who have no outdoor space of their own are connecting with people eager to have someone work their land thanks to a new online initiative. Meet four green-fingered growers and their ‘hosts’.

Source: The Guardian

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