DOJ Officials To Meet With Hunter Biden’s Lawyers | Report | Wayne Dupree

According to rumors, the US attorney overseeing the protracted inquiry against the president’s son would meet with attorneys for first son Hunter Biden the next week. 

According to several reports, the scheduled meeting was sought by Biden’s legal team weeks ago and has nothing to do with the new claims that the president’s son is getting “preferential treatment” in the investigation.

According to reports, David Weiss, the US Attorney for Delaware, who has been overseeing the investigation against Biden since 2018, and at least one other senior DOJ official will meet with Biden’s attorneys. 


According to reports, the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware is investigating four different criminal charges against Biden, including two misdemeanor counts of failing to pay taxes, a felony offense of avoiding taxes on a business cost, and lying about his drug usage on a form to buy a pistol.

The meeting scheduled for next week does not necessarily mean that charges would be filed soon, a source informed Fox News.

According to NBC News on Friday, there is “growing frustration” inside the FBI about how long Weiss is deliberating whether to charge Biden.

According to NBC News, the Baltimore field office of the FBI, which oversaw attempts to collect evidence in the inquiry, ended the “bulk of their work” about a year ago. The IRS also wrapped up its investigation into the first son more than a year ago.

An IRS employee who oversaw the Biden tax investigation contacted Congress earlier this week through an attorney, complaining that the issue had been handled improperly. 

In a letter to the media on Wednesday, the whistleblower’s lawyer, Mark Lytle, said that his client would also reveal deceptive remarks made to Congress by a “senior political appointee.”

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