Dolce Glow self tanner review

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Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re like me you’re itching to get outside and enjoy the sun — and a sun-kissed glow. We all know how bad the sun’s UV rays are for our skin — especially without sunscreen, but luckily self-tanners can achieve the same effect without sun damage. My favorite self tanner of all time is by Dolce Glow, by famous self tan guru Isabela Alysa.

Dolce Glow has just launched its latest collection with Miley Cyrus, Endless Summer Vacation, which includes a self-tanning mist, self-tanning water, instant body glow and a kabuki brush for effortless application. According to the brand, Miley has been a fan of Dolce Glow for over three years, which is why she decided to invest in and collaborate with the brand for this collection. Since Miley always seems to have an enviable sun-kissed glow, I had to get my hands on the collection and see how well Dolce Glow really works on a non-celebrity. Spoiler alert: It worked amazingly and I’m officially hooked.

Dolce Glow Miley’s Glow Limited Edition Endless Summer Set

Before applying any products, Dolce Glow recommended scrubbing and exfoliating my skin to ensure a smooth, streak-free application. But unlike other self tanners I’ve used, I didn’t have to apply lotion before the self tan as their formulas are already loaded with moisturizing ingredients to help hydrate the skin and prolong the life of the pigment.

Dolce Glow exfoliating glove

Dolce’s Self-Tanning Mist in the shade Medium-Dark left my skin looking sun-kissed and soft after leaving it on overnight, thanks to the ingredients Australian Macadamia Oil, Rose Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil, which moisturize the skin while tanning provide and nourish. As someone with very dry skin, it has helped keep my skin soft. It was also incredibly easy to apply – I took off my clothes and sprayed everywhere in a continuous circular motion and only waited a few minutes for it to dry before I could put my clothes back on. I left my application on overnight for the darkest result, but the brand recommends four to six hours for a medium tan and two to four hours for a light tan.

Dolce Glow self-tanning mist

My other favorite in the Endless Summer Vacation set is Mia Instant Body Glow, a shimmery “topper” lotion that offers a bronzed look that washes off easily with water. This unique, no-obligation formula is enriched with caffeine, which reduces puffiness and cellulite and leaves skin with a revitalized glow. The Body Glow was even easier to apply to the skin than the self-tanner as it is a quick-drying, lightweight lotion. I coated my skin with the body bronzer wherever I wanted to glow and I glowed. If you want to shimmer all day at the beach or on a night out, Dolce’s Instant Body Glow is for you.

Dolce Glow Mia Shimmer Topper Lotion


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