Donald Trump: Indictment – Lawyer makes a clear statement about mugshots

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Mugshots from Donald Trump: the lawyer makes a clear statement

Updated: 04/04/2023 16:11

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Charges against Trump: New York is preparing for a historic court date

Charges against Trump: New York is preparing for a historic court date

Former US President Donald Trump is now due to appear in court in New York after being accused of a hush-hush money scandal. The criminal proceedings for a payment to a porn actress before the 2016 presidential election are legally complex and have enormous political explosive power.

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Donald Trump before the indictment: He has to appear in court today. His lawyer has now made a clear statement about the mugshots.

The United States is preparing for a historic day: Donald Trump is expected in court in New York on Tuesday. There, at around 12:15 p.m. German time, an attachment is to be raised against him. Specifically, it is about hush money payments to a porn actress – and a possible conflict with campaign financing rules. Trump is the first President in the history of the United Stateswho has to answer in criminal proceedings.

In the course of the court hearing, Trump also be treated by the identification service. Among other things, his fingerprints are taken and the famous police photos – known as mugshots in the USA – are taken.

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Meanwhile, New York is preparing for major protests. It is understood that the former US President court date will use to present himself again as a victim of a supposedly politically controlled judiciary and to mobilize his supporters. We report on all developments of the day in the blog.

Before indictment: Trump has been in New York since Monday

4:11 p.m.: Donald Trump himself is currently awaiting indictment in New York. It was already on Monday afternoon (local time). former US President landed in his private plane at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. He then drove to Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Charges against Donald Trump: Lawyer makes clear demands for mugshots

3.50 p.m.: Alina Habba, one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, apparently wants to prevent the so-called mug shots of their mandate are published. These are police photos that are taken while a suspect is being processed by the police. In some US states, these images are generally published. However, that is not the case in New York.

However, publication can be ordered by the authorities. Habba refuses. The lawyer told CNN that she had nothing against television cameras in court. The images, some of which are also mug shots be used, but it is not necessary to publish it because Trump is anyway “an identifiable public figure whose face is recognized by people all over the world”.

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“I like transparency. I also think it’s a good thing in certain situations,” Habba said. “I have a problem with image leakage though.” Because the US is in the election campaign and Trump is a possible Republican presidential candidate, publication would “help nobody”.

Indictment against Donald Trump: Indictment will be read today

2:43 p.m.: The indictment against the former US President is scheduled to take place in New York today donald trump be read. It is the first time in US history that a former President of the United States has been indicted.

Specifically, it is in court hush moneythat Trump is said to have paid the porn actress Stormy Daniels through his lawyer at the time. The 44-year-old claims she had sex with the ex-president in 2006 to have had. He denies the allegations, but has since conceded the payment.

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In principle, this is not illegal. However, depending on how Trump booked the money, it could be illegal campaign donation act in his company. In addition, there is another hush money payment to the model Karen McDougal in the room.

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