Doping verdict challenged: is HSV professional Vuskovic moving directly to the CAS?

On Saturday, Mario Vuskovic will keep his fingers crossed for his colleagues if they want to collect points for promotion against Hannover. Meanwhile, the Croatian’s fight for his innocence in the doping process continues. According to the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), Vuskovic and the DFB control committee also appealed against the two-year ban imposed by the sports court on Thursday. It remains unclear where extra time will go: HSV and its professional are aiming for immediate action before the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne.

Will Vuskovic move directly in front of the CAS? This question will be clarified in the coming weeks. Until then, the DFB Federal Court, which is the next instance after the sports court’s verdict, also wants to keep its feet still. First of all, all appealing parties were called upon to submit their justifications to Frankfurt by the end of April. Achim Späth, Chairman of the DFB Federal Court, makes it clear: “In two weeks, the committee will probably decide on the defense’s application to let the proceedings before the DFB Federal Court rest for the time being until the International Sports Court, which has also been appealed to by the defense, has decided on the decided to allow the appeal that was also submitted there.”

HSV professional Vuskovic wants to suspend the suspension without appeal

Vuskovic and HSV want to go directly to the CAS to first have the suspension suspended and then an unassailable acquittal. The risk: If the court decides after the trial against the Croatian who tested positive for Epo, his ban can no longer be shaken. That could even be raised to four years.


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But what is the reason for the passage in front of the CAS? Among other things, it matters whether the court considers Vuskovic to be an international athlete. In view of the almost 50 junior international matches that the 21-year-old has played for Croatia, there shouldn’t really be any doubt about that. DFB sports judge Stephan Oberholz, who suspended Vuskovic until November 2024, is said to have expressed himself rather misleadingly in his judgment letter.

All parties dissatisfied with doping verdict against Vuskovic

That fits with the process that the DFB judge previously led. One thing is certain: all parties are dissatisfied with his verdict. NADA is calling for the sentence to be increased to four years, Vuskovic wants to obtain an acquittal – and even the DFB Control Committee appealed to keep all options open. What remains after the verdict of the sports court is a shambles.

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If the case now lands directly before the CAS, it will take several months before a decision is made there. It would be faster before the Federal Supreme Court – but afterwards the losing party would call the CAS anyway. One thing is clear: as long as Vuskovic remains suspended, he is not allowed to play or take part in team training. He can only keep his fingers crossed from afar. Week after week.

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