Downed drone over Kremlin causes excitement

MOSCOW. The Russian government says it shot down two drones over the Kremlin. A video posted on social media, believed to be from a surveillance camera, shows an explosion over the official residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Moscow accused Ukraine of attempting to assassinate Putin. The event is classified as a “planned terrorist attack and attempted assassination of the President”. The two drones, which “had the Kremlin in their sights”, were tracked down on Wednesday night thanks to a radar system and “disabled”.

Ukraine denies the allegations

Ukrainian Presidential Advisor Mikhailo Podoliak replied that his country had “nothing to do with the drone strikes on the Kremlin”. The incident was a Russian provocation intended to justify a “large-scale terrorist attack”.

So far it is unclear why two people can be seen on the roof of the presidential palace at the time of the explosion.

There have been multiple attacks on Russian infrastructure in the past few days. Most recently, two freight trains derailed after an explosion in the border area near Ukraine. The Russian authorities blame saboteurs for this. (lbs)

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