Dredge Ending Explained, How to Get an Alternate Ending?


Dredge is an open-world fishing video game with Lovecraftian elements. Players take on the role of a fisherman exploring an archipelago and encountering increasingly eerie creatures. The game was released on March 30, 2023, for various gaming platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Dredge is a fishing adventure game with a dark twist that can be played solo. The game involves selling your catch, upgrading your boat, and diving deep into the ocean to uncover long-forgotten secrets. As you explore the mysterious archipelago, you’ll discover that some things are better left forgotten.

Dredge Ending Explained

  • In the negative “default” conclusion of the game, the Collector and the fisherman use the relics in an attempt to resurrect the fisherman’s deceased wife. While they do succeed in bringing her back to life, they also inadvertently revive a terrifying monster, which was likely the Collector’s ultimate goal all along. This results in an apocalyptic scenario, causing the neighboring islands to be engulfed in flames and ultimately leading to the demise of all those involved. 

  • On the other hand, in the positive “secret” ending, you choose to throw the book away when prompted, and eventually, a giant sea monster devours both you and the book. He makes the choice to reject the temptation to use its power and throws it back, leading to the positive “secret” ending. The book’s purpose was to guide the fishermen to the relics and unleash the sinister forces of the ocean, embodied by the colossal monster that sets the area ablaze. The Collector is a manifestation of the fisherman’s psyche, representing his inner desires and ambitions.

  • In the “good” ending, the fisherman finally realizes the true nature of the Collector and the destructive potential of the book.

  • Unfortunately, in the “bad” ending, the woman hovering over the sea is his late wife, brought back to life along with the sea monster. It’s my belief that the fisherman remains unaware that the collector is a reflection of his own consciousness in this unfortunate ending.

Dredge Good Ending

In the “good” ending, the fisherman becomes aware of the true nature of the Collector and comprehends the destructive potential of the book. In the positive “secret” ending, he makes the decision to throw the book back, indicating his rejection of the temptation to use its power. The purpose of the book was to guide the fisherman to the relics and unleash the malevolent forces of the ocean, represented by the colossal monster that engulfs the area in flames. The Collector is a manifestation of the fisherman’s psyche. In the unfortunate ending, the woman hovering over the sea is his deceased wife, revived along with the sea monster. It’s my belief that the fisherman remains oblivious to the fact that the collector represents his own consciousness.

Dredge Story

A Fisherman accepts a job offer in the coastal town of Greater Marrow in a distant archipelago to become the local angler. However, he soon notices strange occurrences, including mist, sudden appearances of rocks, ghost ships, hostile wildlife, sea monsters, and a feeling of being watched. As he sails around the archipelago, he discovers messages in bottles that are diary entries by a newlywed wife named J. She recounts how she arrived with her husband and witnessed him dredging up a mysterious casket from the sea floor, unleashing a supernatural power that caused her to go mad from loneliness and drown herself.

The Fisherman encounters the Collector, who lives alone on an isolated island mansion and tasks him with finding relics hidden in ancient ruins across the archipelago. The Collector grants the Fisherman supernatural powers through the Book of the Deep. Once the fisherman has collected all of the relics, he can either give them to the collector or keep them.

If the Fisherman gives the relics to the Collector, he learns that the Collector is J’s husband and that the relics are needed for a ritual to resurrect her. The Fisherman takes the Collector to where J drowned and throws the relics into the ocean, causing J to be resurrected and an eldritch beast to destroy Greater Marrow and possibly the rest of the world.

If the Fisherman keeps the relics, he discovers that the Collector is a manifestation of his own repressed memories and guilt over J’s death. He throws the Book of the Deep into the ocean and is consumed by a sea monster.

Dredge Secrets

Here is a compiled list of all the obscure achievements in Dredge, along with their respective instructions:

  • From the Fog: Sound your boat’s horn at the ghostly vessel during nighttime.

  • Perfect Packing: Have every cargo slot filled.

  • Cruel Heat: Maintain the Haste power meter above 50% for ten seconds.

  • Dimensional Bypass: Utilise the manifest power to travel a considerable distance.

  • Banisher: Eliminate ten threats during the night.

  • Unsustainable Fishing: Employ the Atrophy Power on a remote fishing spot. The spyglass helps spot far-off fishing locations with ease.

  • Feeling Prepared: Fill every slot in your cargo with equipment.

  • Mixed Results: Use mixed bait to attract three different fish species to one spot.

  • Prey Sighted: Spot a fish from every category using the spyglass.

  • Safe Havens: Visit every dock in the game, including campsites.

  • Unwanted: Discard 25 fish.

  • Sated: Reject the Crimson Book. We have an article detailing the steps for doing so, but beware of spoilers.

Dredge Secrets Ending

The negative “default” ending of the game involves the collector and the fisherman using the relics to resurrect the dead wife. While the ritual is successful in bringing her back to life, it also awakens a colossal monster, which was likely the Collector’s true intention all along. The consequences of this lead to the destruction of the surrounding islands, which are engulfed in flames, and the end of the world, resulting in the death of all its inhabitants.

Dredge Secrets Trailer


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