Drob Inn: Man found with knife wound in stomach in meadow

On Tuesday evening, the police found a seriously injured man in front of the Drob Inn near the main train station.

According to the police situation service, the man was found bleeding heavily in the meadow in front of the Drob Inn. Apparently, this is not the crime scene. This could be a few hundred meters away on Klostertor street – but this has not yet been confirmed. According to local sources, the officers followed a trail of blood left by the injured person.

Drob Inn: Again and again there are sometimes serious crimes

The man was taken to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries, it said. There is no information on the background of the crime or possible suspects.

Time and again, some serious criminal offenses occur in the vicinity of the Drob Inn – mostly within the drug scene. There is a sometimes bitter discussion about how to deal with drug addicts and other marginalized groups of people in the vicinity of the main station. Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD) wants to present further security measures this week. (Josi)

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