Drug testing without animals, six solutions to food waste, decolonizing American cuisine

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a new US law permits drugmakers to forgo the use of lab animals, we explore six approaches to minimizing food waste and see how indigenous restaurants are decolonising American cuisine.

Innovative technologies to replace animals in drug research

In a departure from a 1938 congressional mandate, a newly signed US law authorizes drugmakers to use organs-on-chips or miniature tissue models instead of lab animals in safety trials.

Source: WIRED

‘A landmark step’: how pioneering fetal surgery is transforming lives

The Guardian is given unique access to observe a procedure that can radically improve outcomes for babies with spina bifida.

Source: The Guardian

Scottish government opposes new oil, gas projects

Scotland’s previous energy policy set a 2030 renewable energy target of 50%. Now amid the energy crisis, Scottish officials say they can no longer favor the former approach.

Source: BBC

Solar power plant supplies free energy to Turkish farmers

High electricity prices previously prevented local farmers from adequately irritating their crops. This efficient solar power system allows them to maintain a wider area and harvest more crops.

Source: Euronews

New floating wind turbines off California to power 1.5 million homes

A catastrophic drought that hit the western United States in 2021 highlighted the need for an alternative power source. California is now planning to build the nation’s first floating offshore wind farms.

Source: The Conversation

How humanity played a role in ozone layer recovery

This positive development shows that urgent global measures, when properly implemented, can be effective. “Ozone action sets a precedent for climate action,” the World Meteorological Organization said.

Source: The Guardian

Six approaches to reducing food waste

Everyday, tons of food are wasted even as hunger worsens worldwide. From scrapping ‘best before’ dates to giving farmers incentives, here are methods to reduce food waste.

Source: positive news

Lessons from Rwanda’s efforts to eliminate cervical cancer

Cervical cancer remains the fourth most common malignancy worldwide despite being among the most curable cancers. In Rwanda, authorities strive to follow the so-called 90-70-90 targets to tackle the problem.

Source: Nigeria Health Watch

Why the world needs more supportive housing projects

A nonprofit umbrella group says supportive housing addresses the interlocking crises of mental illness and homelessness. It argues that these initiatives also promote diversity.

Source: curbed

The Sioux Chef’s Owamni restaurant wows critics – and decolonises cuisine

‘We need to reclaim our Indigenous foods,’ says Sean Sherman, the founding chef and co-owner of the award-winning Minneapolis eatery.

Source: The Guardian

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