Dunkin fans think the new breakfast tacos are a major mishap

Dunkin’ took a bold step when it debuted his very first breakfast tacos earlier this month. While the chain has cracked the code for selling coffee, donuts and breakfast sandwiches, it has set up the new product to compete with more established Mexican-inspired breakfast options in the fast-food market, like Taco Bell’s breakfast burritos can and quesadillas.

Unfortunately, the menu item doesn’t get the welcoming reception Dunkin’ was hoping for. In the official Announcing the new breakfast tacosan executive at the company described her as “one of the tastiest savory products we’ve launched at Dunkin’,” but many customers find this far from the truth.

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The taco is a warm flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, white cheddar cheese, fire-roasted corn, a drizzle of tangy lime cream, and optional bacon. Dunkin’s promotional images showed breakfast tacos with healthy helpings of scrambled eggs and other toppings, but what customers are getting isn’t nearly as appealing.

In a recent Reddit post On the Expectation vs. Reality forum, a customer shared a picture of a Dunkin’ breakfast taco that had virtually no filling.

Dunkin Donuts New Breakfast Tacos
by u/enfranci in ExpectationVsReality

“Is there anything in there? Looks blank,” another Reddit user commented on the post.

“Little! A bit of gravy, some raw onions, and about a quarter of an egg.” answered the customer who uploaded the image.

The post has garnered more than 370 comments so far, with many Reddit users criticizing Dunkin’ and the quality of the menu item. A commentator even described it as “the most incredibly depressing breakfast taco ever.”

The same picture appeared on the Dunkin’ subredditto inspire other customers to share their own negative experiences. A user commented that their breakfast taco “tasted like they roasted the corn by sticking it on the top of the oven.” Other called that it wasn’t terrible, but still “very boring”.

The pool of scathing reviews gets even bigger as you venture away from Reddit. Josh Wussow, who reviewed the breakfast tacos The snackdescribed her as “Average at best and mildly off-putting at worst.”

Despite all the negative buzz, some fans seem to be dig the new menu item. Pat Ricard, a fullback for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, announced on Twitter this week that Dunkin’ breakfast tacos “actually not that bad.” But the outpouring of anger and disappointment from other customers indicates that Dunkin’ may have at least one execution issue.

The breakfast taco debacle is the latest disappointment for Dunkin’ fans after the chain recently confirmed it had discontinued the popular Dunkaccino. Dunkin’ was contacted to comment on the breakfast taco complaints, but did not immediately respond.

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