During an airline emergency, Kim Raver forgot she wasn’t really a doctor

It’s not so surprising to learn that Kim Raver took action when a medical expert was called in during an in-flight emergency. After all, the mainstay of “Grey’s Anatomy” has been wearing fictional gowns for over 160 episodes. Luckily for her, Raver’s husband was there to bring her back to reality.

“My husband grabs my arm. I’m looking at him,” Raver said. “He is white.” After her husband asked her what she was doing, she explained what she took for granted: they needed a doctor and she was willing to help. Raver’s husband explained to her that she was not a doctor, and she dropped out.

If fans have ever wondered how deep Raver delves into her character’s personality, this story proves that she might want to scale back on her involvement. It’s interesting to wonder if any younger raver ever thought that with this character, they would get to a point where they really felt qualified to help out in a medical emergency. Luckily everything seems to have worked out, but it’s still fun to imagine what would have happened if Raver Dr. Altman took over while she was on that flight.

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