E-scooter rental Tier returns to Dortmund after all


“Tier”, until the end of 2022 the largest e-scooter rental company in Dortmund, is again setting up scooters in the city after a break of several months. © Animal Mobility

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In January, the company “Tier” collected all the e-scooters stationed in Dortmund. The return of the vehicles from the “winter break” was left open at the time. The reason for this is the special usage fee decided by the Dortmund Council in 2022.

Now, somewhat surprisingly, the provider has announced that it will return to the Dortmund market. According to a statement, a total of 300 e-scooters will be available to residents and guests “in the new business area” in the three inner-city districts North, East, West and on Lake Phoenix.

“Both the size of the fleet and the business area are significantly smaller than before the winter break,” writes the press office in a statement. The special usage fees would “largely prevent operations in the outskirts for economic reasons”.

Fewer vehicles

Before the winter retreat, there were around 1000 e-scooters of this brand. According to the company, within three years there have been 650,000 trips by 100,000 users in Dortmund.

The rental of the e-scooters costs 1.20 euros activation fee and 22 cents per minute (payable by PayPal, credit card and Apple or Google Pay).

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