Eddie Howe Injury Update, What Happened to Eddie Howe?

Eddie Howe Injury Update

Eddie Howe, the manager of Premier League club Newcastle United, recently provided an injury update regarding some of his players. One of the key players mentioned in this update is Sven Botman. Botman had missed a recent match due to ankle ligament issues, which raised concerns among fans and the coaching staff. However, there is hope that he will make a swift return to action.

According to Howe, Botman has been back in training, and the manager expressed optimism about his availability for the upcoming match against Brentford. This update will be reassuring for Newcastle United fans who rely on Botman’s defensive prowess.

Additionally, Eddie Howe also addressed the injury concerns surrounding another player, Sandro Tonali. Tonali, a significant summer signing for the team, was reported to have suffered a muscle issue while on international duty with Italy.

Although there were initial fears about the severity of the injury, Howe clarified that it was not a serious or long-term issue. Nevertheless, Tonali’s fitness for the upcoming game against Brentford remains uncertain, pending further assessment.

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Who is Eddie Howe?

Eddie Howe, whose full name is Edward John Frank Howe, is an English professional football manager and former player. Standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, Howe had a career as a defender, primarily associated with AFC Bournemouth. He spent a significant portion of his playing days at AFC Bournemouth, including a youth system upbringing, and later returned for another three-year stint before retiring from professional football in 2007.

Eddie Howe transitioned to football management in 2009, taking the helm of Bournemouth when they were facing relegation to the Conference National. Notably, he became the youngest manager in the Football League at the time. Under his leadership, Bournemouth managed to avoid relegation during his first season, despite starting with a points deduction and were subsequently promoted to League One in the following campaign.


Edward John Frank Howe

Date of Birth

November 29, 1977

Age 45

Place of Birth

Amersham, England




5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters)



Net Worth

Estimated $5 million



Children 3


Freedom of the Borough of Bournemouth


Eddie Howe Age

Eddie Howe, born on November 29, 1977, has reached the age of 45 as of now. His birthdate signifies a journey through several decades, both as a football player and a manager. With nearly half a century of life experience, Howe has had the opportunity to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the world of football.

His age places him at a point where he combines the energy and enthusiasm of youth with the wisdom and experience that come with years of dedication to the sport. This balance is often valuable in the highly competitive and dynamic field of football management, where decisions made both on and off the pitch can have a profound impact on a team’s success.

Eddie Howe Height and Weight

Eddie Howe stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, which is approximately 1.78 meters. While his height is a notable physical attribute, information about his weight is not disclosed. However, his height is relevant in the context of his playing career as a defender and his current role as a football manager.

It’s a stature that would have contributed to his performance on the field during his playing days and perhaps even influenced his managerial approach. The combination of his age, height, and the knowledge he’s gained throughout his career shapes the unique perspective and capabilities that Eddie Howe brings to the world of football management.

Eddie Howe Career

Eddie Howe’s career has been a remarkable journey within the realm of football. As a player, he was primarily recognized as a defender and became synonymous with AFC Bournemouth. His connection with the club was profound, as he not only played for eight years but also rose through the ranks of their youth system.

This tenure as a player provided him with a deep understanding of the club’s ethos and a strong foundation for his future in football management. Following his retirement from professional football in 2007, Eddie Howe seamlessly transitioned into a managerial role. In 2009, he took charge of AFC Bournemouth, a pivotal moment that would define his managerial career.

Under his leadership, the club achieved impressive feats, most notably securing promotions to higher divisions. Eddie Howe’s career trajectory exemplifies the successful transition from player to manager, highlighting his passion, dedication, and innate understanding of the sport.

Eddie Howe Net Worth

Eddie Howe’s estimated net worth is approximately $5 million, a testament to his financial success within the realm of football. This substantial net worth is the result of years of dedication to the sport, first as a player and later as a highly regarded football manager. Throughout his career, Howe has earned salaries, bonuses, and endorsements, which have contributed to his financial stability.

His success in guiding teams to promotions and achievements in various leagues has likely played a significant role in enhancing his earnings. Furthermore, the value of his net worth underlines the financial rewards that can come with a successful career in football, where talent and managerial expertise are highly valued.

Eddie Howe Nationality

Eddie Howe hails from Amersham, England, and is of English nationality. His roots in England’s football culture have been integral to his journey as both a player and a manager. Representing his home country, Eddie Howe has made significant contributions to the football landscape in England, and his leadership on the field and from the sidelines has earned him respect and recognition on the national stage. His nationality is not only a part of his identity but also a reflection of his deep connection to the English football heritage, a connection that has shaped his career and accomplishments in the sport.

What Happened to Eddie Howe?

Eddie Howe, who has had a successful managerial career, is currently in charge of Newcastle United in the Premier League. However, the team had faced a series of losses, prompting criticism from fans and pundits. Despite this, Howe remains resolute and stated that he is “immune” to criticism, emphasizing his focus on self-critique and maintaining a calm approach. His previous achievements include guiding Newcastle from a second-bottom position to a fourth-placed finish, earning him an improved long-term contract.

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