Edin Terzic counts BVB professionals after the 3: 3 in Stuttgart

Edin Terzic holds his hand in front of his face.
Fully served: BVB coach Edin Terzic. © imago / RHR photo

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Borussia Dortmund made a fool of themselves in the 3:3 against ten Stuutgarters and conceded the equalizer in the seventh minute of injury time. After the game, a visibly disappointed Edin Terzic became clear in an interview with “Sky”. We recorded the conversation.

How much anger, how much disappointment is there today?

A lot.

Describe your feelings.

It’s hard to find words for it. We thought we experienced the worst thing this season, losing at home to Werder Bremen, where we were 2-0 up to the 88th minute. This tops it all again.

Can you put it down to the fact that things didn’t go in the Dortmund direction in the second half?

I can now also describe what happened there, but I have a hard time finding the words why it happened. Immediately after they were ten, we had two chances to go deep and counterattack again. The only thing that could tip this game again is if we lose discipline. Both in possession, by not taking our positions, by starting to continue what didn’t work in the first half. By not switching and going straight into counterpressing when we lose the ball. And by simply not supporting each other anymore. Those are the issues we addressed. And that we want to do it and have to do it. That this is a huge opportunity that’s here today. If we only rely on the man next to us and shift the responsibility away, then the whole thing threatens to tip over again. Then it’s just a situation, a penalty, a cross that the audience can bring back again. That was the content we chose at half-time. How we filled it with life in the second half is inexplicable.

If you analyze the goal, how do you describe the scene?

Of course we’d like Soumi to just clear the ball with his right foot and shoot away and that’s it, but the last one we want as a scapegoat today is Soumi Coulibaly, who made his debut today. We missed a huge chance as a team today and that’s totally disappointing.

Did you already say something in the dressing room? Have you let your emotions run free?

No, it wouldn’t have been good if I expressed everything I’m thinking right now. Believe me, I’m not even looking at the result (in Munich; editor’s note). Sure, we know what happened there. But what happened to us in the second half. We were lucky once in the early stages. To be honest, we almost conceded four goals against a man down. That’s the only thing that matters to us today.

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