Education for 10 million Indian school dropouts, voting rights in prison, more country pubs owned by locals

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a new project will provide education to 10 million young women in rural India, advocates want voting rights for people in prison, and locals revive pubs through community ownership.

A nonprofit is bringing education to 10 million young women in India

Young women between the ages of 15 and 25 who have dropped out of school can access the program that promotes girls’ education in India’s rural communities.

Source: NADJA

Moms lead movement to restore voting rights for people in prison

At least three US states are working on legislation to allow incarcerated people to vote. With many looking at voting as an extension of parenting or motherhood, women advocates are leading the movement.

Source: The 19th

Top lawyers declare they will not prosecute peaceful climate protesters

In a bold move that defied bar rules, over 120 lawyers, including six king’s counsel have pledged they will not act for firms pursuing fossil fuel projects.

Source: The Guardian

Locals revive pubs hurt by pandemic

A growing number of country pubs are being bought by groups of locals in southeastern Australia. The concept of community ownership has become a trend, according to an association.

Source: ABC News

Berlin startup sets up vocational school to power energy transition

From cooks to taxi drivers, at least 100 people from various backgrounds are recruited each month to undergo training at a school established by solar company Enpal.

Source: Euronews

It is working: Luxembourg marks the third year of free public transport

Luxembourg, the richest country in Europe, became the first to implement free public transport in 2020. Many commuters say they’re happy with the initiative, which seeks to promote equity and climate change action.

Source: Euronews

New law to provide easier access to mobile clinics in the US

The pandemic saw a demand for mobile clinics in areas where a range of services is almost out of reach. Now a new law will give more rural communities easier access to mobile health care.

Source: KHN

Video visits help bridge the gap in mental health care for the aged

To address the lack of mental health care services that is typical in rural areas, nursing homes have turned to the use of video calls to connect its residents with doctors.

Source: KHN

Disrupting the foster-care-to-prison pipeline through safe housing

A quarter of foster care alumni will become involved with the criminal justice system within two years of leaving care, according to a study. Now, a number of initiatives are aiming to disrupt the foster-care-to-prison pipeline.

Source: Bloomberg

Indigenous community to build youth housing on ancestral land

The Wiyot Tribe of California is ensuring that former foster youth will have a home in the city of Eureka. This comes after the government returned vast swaths of land to the native tribe.

Source: Next City

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