Eid telefilms to look forward to!

KARACHI: As Ramadan draws to an end, everyone is looking forward to Eid when they can sit back and relax. And what better way to destress than to watch some lighthearted tv? Here is a list of the telefilms releasing on Eid 2023 that you can binge watch.

Mummy Nahi Manain Gi – ARY Digital

We might be in 2023 but it seems as though one problem Pakistanis face will be timeless: convincing your parents to let you marry the person of your choice! That is exactly what this telefilm starring Shahzad Sheikh, Hiba Bukhari, Shagufta Ejaz and Fazila Qazi is about.

When a young couple decides to take the next in their relationship, things do not go as planned. While Hiba Bukhari’s mother is easy going and gets on supremely well with her daughter’s boyfriend, Shahzad Sheikh’s mother is the complete opposite! Naturally, disaster ensues and the mothers are at war with each other! How will they manage to come over their differences for the sake of their children?

Android Abba – ARY Digital

Not all Eid telefilms are stuck in the past and Android Abba might even be more advanced than 2023! Described as, “An all-new genre of robot dramedy,” this telefilm brings a whole new twist to dealing with grief and loss. 

Starring Shahroz Sabzwari, Aadi Adeal Amjad, Mohammad Ahmed Syed, Sadaf Kanwal and Gul-e-Rana, the ARY Digital story follows two sons who are trying to figure out how to break the news, especially to their mother, that their father has passed away. What better way to avoid grief than to bring in a robot to replace their father?! As ridiculous as it sounds, a few laughs will be guaranteed and so will a few tears when the truth finally comes out. Afterall, how long can a robotic Mohammad Ahmed pass off as the real one?

Nilofer Tsunami – Hum TV

Starring Ushna Shah, Shehzad Sheikh and Saba Hameed, Nilofer Tsunami promises to be full of laughter. What happens when Nilofer travels from Punjab to Karachi with one set purposes and ends up in another mess altogether? A whole lot of comedy, that’s for sure! As the official synopsis says, “Get ready to ride the waves of laughter with “Nilofer Tsunami.”

Thora Jhoot Thora Pyar – Hum TV

Another Hum Tv Eid telefilm to look forward to this year stars Azfar Rehman and Neelum Muneer alongside Shagufta Eijaz and Saba Faisal. 

With so many Eid telefilms releasing this year, its bound to be an entertaining few days.

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