Eight countries eliminate tropical diseases, first US state to ban shark fishing, cancer test using urine

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, eight countries have eliminated tropical diseases, Hawaii becomes the first US state to ban shark killing and researchers develop a cancer test that only needs urine.

Eight countries have stopped tropical diseases with mass treatment plans

Often ignored in most of the world, tropical diseases still affect large parts of Africa. Now eight nations have eliminated them through health initiatives and mass treatment.

Source: Nature

Hawaii bans the killing of sharks in a first for the US

From the start of this year, killing or capturing sharks is now completely illegal in the state of Hawaii. It will be the first US state to implement this sort of ban.

Source: The Planetary Press

Urine test detects prostate and pancreatic cancers with high accuracy

Researchers have developed a method to diagnose cancer using a small volume of urine. This greatly speeds up the rate of detection, which remains one of the most important factors in cancer survival.

Source: Eurekalert

Fishers in Chile create grassroots marine reserves

To protect the region’s biodiversity and help marine animal populations, fishers in Chile are banding together to create protected areas at sea. These will function as untouchable hatcheries to help fish reproduce safely.

Source: Monga Bay

A museum’s anthropological displays to be created by those it represents

The South Asia gallery at the Manchester Museum will now be curated by people from the region, in a push to boost representation.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Driving program helps disadvantaged people get licenses

A program in Sydney, Australia pairs volunteers with learning drivers from disadvantaged backgrounds. The goal is to allow them to get practice outside of normal hours.

Source: ABC.net

High school overcomes staff shortage by hiring alumni

Haines City High School suffered from regular shortages of workers until principal Adam Lane decided to offer some positions to alumni and even senior students.

Source: The 74

Bridging ethnic gaps through girls football

In Kosovo, ethnic tensions between Kosovars, Serbs and others run high. This program aims to promote more community interaction by sponsoring football leagues for girls.

Source: DW

Endangered wood storks make a big recovery

Wood storks, which have been highly endangered since 1984, are now making a recovery in Florida, due to wildlife restoration projects across the American South.

Source: NPR

Pink dolphins and reformed Colombian rebels turn no-go zone into ecotourism hit

Former guerrillas of the Farc now work to establish ecotourism through marine conservation. They protect the at-risk pink dolphins and repair damaged ecosystems.

Source: The Guardian

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