Election with AfD votesWho is actually damaging democracy here?

Berlin, scandal in the Berlin House of Representatives!  CDU mayoral candidate Kai Wegner only manages to be elected the new governing mayor in the third ballot.  In the first two ballots, Wegner did not receive the necessary absolute majority of 80 votes.  Only in the third round, where a simple majority would have sufficed, did he get 86 votes.  In the picture: CDU state leader and mayoral candidate Kai Wegner in a serious conversation with the SPD state chairwoman Franziska Giffey.  AfD and democracy are now being discussed.

The debate about a possible participation of the AfD in the election of the new mayor in Berlin is as revealing as it is grotesque. In reality, it is about delegitimizing any election that does not benefit the political left. In the end, this can even be useful for the AfD. A comment.

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