Electric vehicles overtake diesel sales in EU for first time, desert vegetable farms, teaching Afghan women judo

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re talking about a boom in the sales of electric vehicles in the EU, a Jordanian farm cultivating vegetables in the heart of the desert, and an underground martial arts scheme empowering Afghan women.

Electric vehicles surpass diesel for the first time in the EU

Major players such as Germany, France, and the Netherlands are witnessing increases of over 50% in the adoption of electric vehicles, marking the first time they have overtaken diesel-powered vehicles in popularity.

Source: Economic Times

Innovative Jordanian farm uses lo-fi tech to cultivate vegetables in the desert

The Sahara Forest Project demonstrates the incredible potential of growing vegetables in the most unexpected locations, employing accessible and low-tech methods whilst showingcasing how farming can adapt to climate change and water scarcity.

Source: positive news

Amsterdam bans cruise ships to reduce tourist influx and combat pollution

Citing concerns about the impact of these vessels on visitor numbers and environmental pollution, politicians emphasized the need to prioritize more eco-friendly alternatives in line with the city’s sustainable ambitions.

Source: BBC News

US physicians initiate abortion pill network to circumvent state bans

Since mid-June, an estimated 3,500 doses of abortion pills have been discreetly transported to states with restrictive abortion laws thanks to the implementation of innovative shield laws that provide protection for the parties involved.

Source: Washington Post

Teen combats food insecurity in NYC and Tel Aviv through hydroponic gardens

The Growing Peace initiative is making a significant impact by providing fresh food to up to 600 families of asylum seekers twice a month, amounting to over 2,100 servings of produce.

Source: Good Good Good

Initiative facilitates easy voting for Nigeria’s senior citizens in election cycle

The Age Nigeria Foundation’s goal of simplifying the voting process for Nigeria’s senior citizens has helped to combat ageism in the country.

Source: Solutions Paper

Vultures pave the way for a remarkable cat comeback in Zambia

The birds flying above Africa’s third-largest national park now play an unwitting role as research assistants, helping scientists by transmitting vital geo signals through their satellite tags.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Ice climbers and miners unite to create solution to Ouray’s water crisis

When the frozen waterfall of Ouray ran dry, a partnership between ice climbers and silver miners emerged, paving the way for a revolutionary strategy to ensure water supply in drought-stricken towns.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

“Seahorse hotels” are revitalizing White’s seahorse population in Sydney

The strategy involves creating “seahorse hotels,” specially designed grids crafted from biodegradable metal. These structures will serve as essential habitats, offering a lifeline for the endangered species.

Source: Reuters

Afghan women embrace judo training in secret via WhatsApp

Guiding them through this journey are a dedicated martial arts coach and his former student, both residing in Norway, who have taken it upon themselves to empower these women from afar in a virtual training ground.

Source: Al Jazeera

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