Elizabeth Holmes: From Silicon Valley to a White-Collar Prison Camp in Texas | Wayne Dupree

Tuesday will be Elizabeth Holmes’ last day of residence in Texas for many years. Theranos’s founder must go to a federal jail by 2:00 p.m. to start serving her 11-year, three-month term. She must serve at least 85% of that, according to federal law. The 39-year-old will spend her sentence at a federal prison camp in Bryan with up to 720 other white-collar, non-violent female criminals, including one former Real Housewife. 

The camp “lacks the fencing and strict rules of higher-security prisons,” the Guardian claims. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that her jail cell is likely to have an open entry rather than bars or a door.

The rich investors Holmes scammed will also receive $452 million in reparations from her, but as the BBC notes, they shouldn’t get their hopes up. Restitution in the US is “largely symbolic” these days, according to experts, as few individuals truly have the resources to cover the debt, the BBC reports. Holmes has claimed she is unable to even fully compensate her attorneys. Any assets she may still own are probably being seized by the prosecution, and while she is incarcerated, she will probably continue to deplete the fund. 

The federal prison camp she will be staying at forces inmates to labour and pays them between 12 cents and $1.15 per hour. She will likely earn around $6 per month, and according to Randy Zelin of Cornell Law School, half of that sum will go to her victims.

The Bryan prison camp is “located about 100 miles from Houston, where she grew up dreaming of becoming a technology visionary similar to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs,” according to a moving statement from the AP. According to NPR, several of her family still reside nearby. 

Holmes most recently resided in San Diego with his boyfriend Billy Evans and their two kids, a 3-month-old daughter and a son who is almost 2 years old. Every weekend is allowed for visits, and kids under 10 can sit on their mother’s lap.

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