Elmshorn: Cathleen Sudeck is doing a voluntary year at the fire brigade


Cathleen Sudeck is doing a voluntary year with the fire department

Cathleen Sudeck (19) is the first woman to do her federal voluntary service with the Elmshorn volunteer fire brigade

Cathleen Sudeck (19) is the first woman to do her federal voluntary service with the Elmshorn volunteer fire brigade

Photo: Torben Hinz / City of Elmshorn

The 19-year-old from Uetersen is the first woman to do voluntary service with the fire department. what it means to them

Elmshorn. As first wife performs Cathleen Sudeck your Federal Volunteer Servicet at the Volunteer Fire Departmentr Elmshorn. “I learned a lot, including about myself, and was able to gain a lot of self-confidence,” said the 19-year-old, whose assignment ends in August. Then the Bufdi position will be free. Interested parties can apply to the city of Elmshorn.

“I would definitely recommend the position here,” emphasizes Cathleen, who previously only had an indirect connection with the fire department. “My father is in the Uetersen volunteer fire brigade,” she says.

Elmshorn: Cathleen Sudeck is doing a voluntary year in the military

She found out about the offer from the city of Elmshorn through him and his fire service mailing list and simply applied – successfully. “After my training as a socio-educational assistant, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do afterwards,” explains Cathleen. The job advertisement for the one-year federal voluntary service came at just the right time.

As a federal voluntary service provider, Cathleen primarily supports the full-time equipment attendants of the Elmshorn volunteer fire brigade. She helps with the school and daycare courses on fire safety education, with the maintenance of the emergency vehicles, with the fire safety training courses for adults and every second Tuesday as a supervisor for the youth fire brigade.

The 19-year-old also travels with volunteers on assignments

“I also ride the missions,” says Cathleen. Most recently, for example, when the suspicion of an incendiary bomb from World War II raised the alarm. “There was a lot to see, a lot of action,” she says.

But she is also attracted to smaller assignments: “You always learn something new.” If her working day lasts longer than 4:30 p.m. or 12 p.m. on Fridays, that’s fine with her too. “Time goes by really fast,” she says. Cathleen gets the necessary firefighting knowledge from the full-time equipment attendants, among others – all men, by the way.

That doesn’t bother the 19-year-old at all: “I get along great with them, it’s a really great team with great people with whom you can crack jokes and also talk about serious things.”

Elmshorn: 19-year-old joined the fire department in her hometown of Uetersen

In the meantime, however, she has also joined the Uetersen volunteer fire brigade and is completing her training as a trooper there. After her Bufdi year with the volunteer fire brigade, Cathleen wants to work in a kindergarten. But she doesn’t want to miss the time in Elmshorn. “It also helped me as a person,” she says.

Anyone interested in the activity can contact the city of Elmshorn on 04121/231-254.

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