Emma Heming Willis is launching a product that targets brain health

Emma Heming Willis takes her passion for brain health and wellness to a new level!

The wife of Hollywood veteran Bruce Willis has been a mental health advocate since her husband was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

Although Heming didn’t see the disease coming, she did everything she could to take care of her husband and learn more about the disease. Most recently, she used her accumulated knowledge of brain health to launch a critical endeavor.

Emma Heming Launches New Brain Health Product

She recently launched a new brand of dietary supplements to support brain well-being in line with the former supermodel’s passion. Heming announced the product’s big news on her Instagram with a picture of herself holding the product and a close-up photo showing the product.

Emma Heming Willis introduces her brain health wellness company

In the caption, Heming announced: “I’m so excited to share a passionate project I’ve been working on for the past few years @maketimewellness. Make Time is a wellness line for busy women. Our supplements support “your 🧠brain, 🧘🏽‍♀️body, and 💋beauty” in that order.

She went on to explain that a portion of the proceeds from the sale would be donated to a charity that supports brain health research, before ending the caption with a reminder of her goal. She remarked, “I’m committed to using my voice to raise awareness about carers and dementia because action, education and conversation can create change 🌈💗”

During a conversation with PEOPLE Speaking about the purpose of the brand, the former La Senza spokesperson model revealed that brain health is often neglected. However, her view of brain health changed her experiences with short-term memory and fog.

Explaining her experience, the model said: “My brain was suffering and I could feel it. Why is the focus on the rest of our body when our brain is our greatest asset and we should take care of it? I have found that when you put your brain first and take care of your brain, your whole body benefits.”

According to the British model, this new project is unique to her, given her experience and journey as her husband’s caregiver.

“For me, it’s really about connecting with a community and being open and able to talk about dementia and removing the stigma that there is no shame. I learn through the process.”

Emma Heming Willis introduces her brain health wellness company

Before the call with the news outlet ended, the winner of The British Elle Supermodel shared that she had expert support.

“I can call an expert and speak to some of the most incredible doctors,” Hemming said. “I think I have a new purpose and I’m really excited to share what I’m learning with everyone. It’s like a fire has been lit. It’s my new goal and here I am.”

In March, the mother of two talked about it She gets help from dementia expert Teepa Snow while she copes with her husband’s illness.

The British model won’t stop championing her husband

While the cover girl champions brain health and caregivers, some fans have accused her of using the Die Hard actor’s illness to steal the spotlight. However, Heming addressed the allegations and emphasized: that she does not stop expressing herself.

She took to Instagram to let the world know she won’t let up in her efforts for her husband. In the video posted, she was seen in a blue top, her brown locks falling to her shoulders. The former catwalk star opted for a makeup-free face and added animal print glasses.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis at the NYFF Closing Gala

The 44-year-old began her message by saying, “I just saw something about getting my five minutes which is great.” That means you’re listening,” the Maltese native continued. “So I’m going to take my five minutes and turn it into ten because I will always stand up for my husband.”

The media personality added that as long as she had a platform, she would forever raise awareness about frontotemporal dementia. She also explained that she plans to use her presence to pay tribute to the caregivers, whom she praised as “unsung heroes.”

Willis explained that despite the criticism, she would not be silenced. She said, “I’m going to channel my heartache, anger and sadness and do some good to make around something that feels less than.”

As for the people who accused her of being in the spotlight, Willis’s wife had a dismissive remark. She said, “Watch this room because I didn’t come to play.”

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