End of AIDS possible by 2030, free financial counseling, maternity leave for pigs

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, the UN outlines a path to end AIDS by 2030, free financial counseling transforms lives in Tulsa, and a farm in Portugal reimagines sustainable farming practices.

UN: ‘end to AIDS’ possible by 2030

Despite nearly 40 million people worldwide living with HIV, the United Nations is confident there is a path to the end of AIDS by 2030. The agency calls for global political commitment to prevention and non-discriminatory legislation.

Source: DW

Texas tackles record heatwaves with innovative cooling solutions

As Texas grapples with record-breaking temperatures, cities are proactively combating the heat through urban cooling strategies, including green roofs, cool pavement coating, and air conditioning for the vulnerable.

Source: BBC

Free financial counseling transforming lives in Tulsa

The Financial Empowerment Center in Tulsa offers free counseling, helping residents navigate money management complexities and achieve their financial goals.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Peer respite programmes: a novel approach to mental health crises

For individuals who face recurrent mental health crises, peer respite programs such as Rhonda’s House provide a compassionate alternative to traditional facilities by offering a homelike environment.

Source: KFF Health News

California’s high-speed train to run on 100% renewable energy

Despite extensive delays and increasing costs, California’s High-Speed ​​Rail project presents a breakthrough in transportation – the first train system to be entirely powered by solar energy.

Source: Euronews

Used furniture donations boost Bristol school budget

Four Acres Academy saves on budget and reduces carbon emissions through used office furniture donations, redirecting funds towards student facilities.

Source: BBC

Nonprofit groups in Nigeria help combat cataract-induced blindness

Amidst the widespread cataract-induced blindness plaguing Kano, Nigeria, nonprofit organizations are stepping in to offer free surgeries.

Source: Nigeria Info Lagos

Closing Philly’s digital divide through free Wi-Fi network

Philly Community Wireless aims to bridge the digital divide in Philadelphia with its community-owned Wi-Fi mesh network focusing on areas of high inequality.

Source: Kensington Voice

A 15 minute city for friendship

Amid the escalating loneliness epidemic, urban planners propose the ’15-minute city’ model that ensures all essentials, including friends, are within a small, easily reachable radius.

Source: Bloomberg

Reimagining farm life: Trees retire and pigs take maternity leave

At a farm Portugal, a unique blend of ancient Montado system and regenerative grazing allows trees to ‘retire’ and pigs to take maternity leave, paving the way for sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Source: Euronews

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