Engineers Create A Bicycle With Square Wheels (And Yes, It Walks)

Meet the square wheel bike that challenges the limits of creativity

Square wheel bicycle is a hit on the internet

Square wheel bicycle is a hit on the internet

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A team of engineers developed an invention capable of surprising even the most creative thinkers: a bicycle with square wheels fully functional.

The team posted a video on YouTube to show how the bike works. Its main differential is the traction through a track on the wheels, something similar to the movement of a tank. The movement turns out to be smooth, as the squares are always in the same position.

  • The frame of the wheels was made with metal rods welded together to form the quadrilateral, and the spokes were added just for aesthetics;
  • According to the team responsible for the invention, creating and installing square wheels on a bicycle was one of the most unusual projects they have ever built;
  • The end result was a true testament to the power of creativity and innovation. The video posted on YouTube already has more than 1.1 million views, and many users were impressed with the crazy idea being put into practice.

Although the cost of building the bicycle is unclear, the invention aroused great curiosity among users. It also raised the possibility that such a model could hit stores in the near future, to the dismay of some parents.

No time to work out? Acer launches desk with ergonomic bike

Speaking of differentiated engineering, the maple recently announced a device that unites the support of a table with the pedals of a bicycle to allow us to do physical exercises even while working. In addition, the eKinekt BD 3 converts pedaling energy into electrical energy, which can bring relief on electricity bills.

The launch took place at the 2023 edition of CES, the world’s largest technology fair, which takes place in Las Vegas (USA) in January.

Acer launched device capable of aligning exercises and work

Acer launched device capable of aligning exercises and work

Photo: Disclosure/Acer

In addition to stimulating exercises, the product even has a sustainable footprint, as the energy from pedaling can be used to charge the devices on the table via USB inputs.

According to the manufacturer, cycling at a gentle pace of 60 revolutions per minute can generate up to 75 watts of power. To get an idea, a iPhone 13 Pro Max it can consume about 30 watts in fast charge mode.

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