England’s historic restoration scheme, green amendments, LGBTQ-friendly seniors building

Today in Squirrel News, projects lauded by conservationists are set to restore nature while producing food, green amendments help society and the environment, and LGBTQ+ seniors find a safe space to call home.

‘Once in a generation’ scheme to restore nature in 22 areas across England

The landscape recovery scheme is being hailed by land managers and conservationists as the most ‘exciting and important’ step in a generation to restore lost biodiversity.

Source: The Guardian

Energy citizenship: Europe’s communities forging a low-carbon future

From solar panels to biomass burners, boom in green initiatives seen as vital to achieving EU climate targets.

Source: The Guardian

Sudan journalists defy military rule by forming first union in 30 years

‘Historic’ move sees media professionals claim rights after years of persecution under Omar al-Bashir and crackdown after 2021 coup.

Source: The Guardian

Meet the ‘prosumers’ leading the way to energy sovereignty

A German community project underscores the importance of energy independence amid a gas crisis fueled by Russia’s war in Ukraine. The Virtual Citizen Power Plant enables households to produce, consume, store and trade renewable energy.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

How ‘Green Amendments’ can help society

Advocates push for governments to add a green amendment to their respective constitutions. While doing so remains a struggle for many areas in the U.S., here’s how one nonprofit got the upper hand in its quest for environmental justice.

Source: Nexus Media News

Majority of Americans support climate policies, study finds

A survey says green measures are well received by 66 to 80 percent of Americans. It is critical to acknowledge that many citizens support these policies. Here’s why.

Source: Grist

New U.S. safety rule to help drivers stay in their lanes

Road crashes kill around 1.3 million people each year worldwide, according to WHO. In a bid to avoid more traffic accidents, the U.S. is imposing a new minimum standard for pavement marking retroreflectivity.

Source: Bloomberg

Vertical farming company builds smart farms to reinvent food and agriculture

A group of modern farmers strive for food security by operating smart farms that function regardless of the weather. The company claims these ‘Bowerys’ are 100 times more productive than traditional agriculture.

Source: Fast Company

Economist: historical movement towards equality to continue

In his bestsellers, French economist and author Thomas Piketty has so far mainly described how capitalism creates inequality. In his new book, he takes a closer look at the history of democracy and explains social progress.

Source: The New Statesman

LGBTQ+ seniors find home in subsidised housing in Philadelphia

According to the ACLU of Illinoi, anti-LGBTQ+ housing discrimination has remained a barrier to the safety and well-being of queer and transgender people. A building in Philadelphia is a ‘dream come true’ for its residents, and a model for affordable housing in other cities.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

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