Environmental activists arrested after vandalizing luxury yacht owned by Walmart heiress

Members of the Futuro Vegetal group graffitied the yacht valued at US$ 300 million (R$ 1.4 billion). The case took place in Ibiza, Spain

July 19
– 2:16 pm

(updated at 2:19 pm)

Environmental activists vandalized a luxury yacht valued at US$300 million (R$1.4 billion) and ended up arrested. The act took place this Sunday (16), in Ibiza, Spain. The vessel allegedly belongs to Nancy Walton Laurie, heir to the Walmart Group. The members of the environmentalist group Futuro Vegetal who carried out the act were arrested.



Photo: Reproduction / Brazil Profile

A video posted by activists shows the duo throwing red and black paint over the vessel. Ship’s crew arrive to stop the vandalism, using a hose to spray water and remove the dye.

On social networks, they justify the acts, stating that “the only reason we continue to maintain an economic system that leads us to eco-social collapse is to sustain the privileges of this small privileged class”.

They even wrote that “The mega-rich live off the suffering of others. It’s the people at the top of the social pyramid who put all life on the planet at their service, forcing us to work to sustain their system, exploiting animals and destroying the territory no matter how much suffering and death it entails”says the statement.

The vandalized yacht is called Kaos and is part of the US$ 7.8 billion (R$ 37 billion) estate of the heir to the Walmart chain. She is ranked 305 in the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

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