Erika Jayne’s alleged new husband Jim Wilkes has been arrested

Erika Jayne's alleged new husband Jim Wilkes has been arrested "Shoot" Gun during argument with wife see mugshot as divorce details emerge

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Erika Jayne was seen spending time with a lawyer Jim Wilkes, who is also rumored to be her financier, in Las Vegas over the weekend. And just as photos of the pair at Caesar’s Palace began surfacing online, so did news of his arrest in April.

As a 51 year old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star was photographed walking with Jim, 72, in Sin City, where she will begin her residency in August. It has been pointed out that Jim was recently arrested for “shooting a gun as part of a domestic dispute”.

On May 29, The US Sun announced that Jim was being prosecuted after he allegedly fired two shots at his home on April 10 as part of a domestic dispute with a woman who has not yet been identified.

Days later on April 13, the Tampa Bay Times confirmed that Jim faces charges of aggravated assault with deadly weapon and assault.

Earlier this week Twitterafter a comment on RHOBH Star’s alleged date with the lawyer Ronald Richards shared his mug shot.

Jim Wilkes was shot for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

Following the April incident, Jim told authorities that the unnamed woman punched him in the head, prompting him to grab his pistol so she couldn’t do it first. He then said he fired one shot into a bed and a second into a wall in a bathroom to startle her and end the argument. Meanwhile, she claimed she hit Jim after the shots were fired and he threatened to kill her.

At the time of the encounter, it was suggested that the woman could also face criminal charges, although it is unclear if charges have ever been brought against her. Instead, it said a protective order allowed police to remove the remaining guns and ammunition from Jim’s home.

“He was attacked and he defended himself. That’s the extent of it,” Jim’s attorney said. Ronald Kurpiers IIsaid the Tampa Bay Times.

Although the woman was not named in the report, Jim is currently in the midst of a difficult breakup with his estranged wife Trista Tauchasagainst whom he has a restraining order.

A divorce hearing between Jim and Trista is scheduled for July 26 and his case is ongoing.

As RHOBH Fans may recall that Jim was said to have been a “longtime collaborator” with Erika’s estranged husband. Thomas Girardi83. Jim gave Erika nearly $500,000 during their divorce.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 wrapped filming earlier this month and is expected to begin airing later this year on Bravo.

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