Erzgebirge: Three arrests in the raid on the hooligan scene

Status: 05/31/2023 11:49 am

The Soko Rex of the Saxony State Criminal Police Office has executed several arrest warrants and search warrants in the Ore Mountains. The investigations are directed against a violent fan group of the local football club.

The Soko Rex carried out a raid in the Ore Mountains on Wednesday. (icon picture)

Soko Rex officers searched several houses in the Ore Mountains on Wednesday. Three men were arrested. According to the information, a total of five men are suspected of being members of a criminal organization.

Soko Rex is a special commission of the Saxony State Criminal Police Office that has been in action to combat right-wing extremism since the 1990s.

“Strong youth” as a criminal organization in focus

The raids are related to investigations by the general public prosecutor’s office in Dresden against a total of 34 suspects aged between 17 and 23. They are accused of having formed a criminal organization as the “Strong Youth” group since February 2022 at the latest.

The “strong youth” is part of the ultra group of the local football club FC Erzgebirge Aue and is made up of ultras and hooligans, according to the State Criminal Police Office. According to the police investigations so far, the group’s goals were acts of violence against supporters of other football clubs as well as acts of resistance against police officers.

right-wing extremists crimes committed

Several crimes have been committed by the group since 2022, including aggravated trespassing, aggravated assault and robbery. “Four of the five people affected by the searches had also committed right-wing extremist crimes in the past, such as incitement to hatred and the use of license plates from unconstitutional organizations, says LKA spokesman Kay Anders. The investigations by the Dresden Public Prosecutor and the Saxony State Criminal Police Office are ongoing.

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