Ethan Hunt’s full backstory, explained

Shortly after Agent Farris’ death, the IMF infiltrates the Vatican to capture Davian, but it turns out he’s the type of bad guy who likes to keep his enemies close. In captivity, Davian learns Ethan’s name and promises to hurt those he cares about most. Rescued by a group of hired guns, the arms dealer uses his vast network to find and kidnap Julia from her shift at the hospital. Ethan is drawn into his most personal mission yet.

To save Julia, Ethan must bring Davian the Rabbit’s Foot, a dangerous MacGuffin. As he delivers it, Davian places an explosive charge in his head. When our hero reaches his wife, the charge is activated, but Ethan kills Davian and deactivates her before she can kill him. In order to pull off this trick, he must finally trust and rely on Julia, who fends off Davian’s henchmen and revives Ethan with a defibrillator.

Once safe, Ethan finally tells Julia the truth before they elope on their honeymoon together. Unfortunately, the romance doesn’t last long.

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