Europe’s first wild river national park, Britain expands free childcare, Puerto Rico’s first solar town

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Europe gets its first wild river national park, Britain plans to expand its free childcare program and Puerto Rico establishes its first fully solar-powered town.

‘Historic moment’ for nature as Europe’s first wild river national park announced in Albania

One of the last wild rivers in Europe will now be protected as a national park, shielding over a thousand animal and plant species from human interference.

Source: The Guardian

UK plans to expand free childcare for up to 30 hours a week

In a bid to help parents struggling with the costs of raising a child and to help them reenter the workforce, Britain will start offering free childcare to eligible working parents of children aged under five.

Source: Reuters

San Diego aims to help end housing segregation and crisis at once

Redlining, the practice of restricting mortgages to people of a certain race and background, is to blame for much of the housing inequality in San Diego. A new initiative aims to solve the issue by subsidizing high-rise and mid-rise housing.

Source: San Diego Tribune

Tokyo residents return record amounts of lost money

Under Japan’s lost goods law, you could keep 5% and 20% of the sum if the money is retrieved by the owner. As a result, larger and larger amounts of lost cash are returned every year.

Source: The Guardian

Novo Nordisk to cut insulin prices, following Eli Lilly’s lead

The Danish pharmaceutical company plans to reduce its insulin price in the US, following rival company Eli Lilly’s move. Novo Nordisk will cut the price by 60-75% depending on the brand of insulin purchased.

Source: Reuters

A public swimming pool heated by a data center

In Devon, the Exmouth Leisure Center heats its pools using the byproduct heat from a small, local data centre. Over the course of its normal operations, the pool’s water helps cool the center while saving it thousands in electricity costs.

Source: BBC

Machine learning helps scientists keep track of huge amounts of reef data

Conservationists can now use machine learning technology to sort and analyze massive amounts of data gathered from reefs. This can help save them hours of sifting through information to find insights and other valuable information.

Source: Monga Bay

First Puerto Rico town fully powered by solar energy

After sustaining damage during Hurricane Maria, the townspeople of Adjuntas decided to build more resilient infrastructure. The result was the country’s first cooperatively managed solar microgrid.

Source: VOA

The initiatives working to help men feel less isolated

From cooperative sheds in the UK, to discussion groups and communal barbers, these organizations aim to help men dealing with loneliness and depression.

Source: positive news

Sweden pairs migrants with seniors to help integration and fight loneliness

Sällbo, a shared living project, has the elderly and recent immigrants all living in the same building. Both parties are required to socialize a number of hours a week, to help build communication and understanding.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

#31: The ‘Solar Punks’: Bringing power to the people

Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell set out their plan to turn their London street into a community solar power station. In our new podcast episode, Dan tells us why they use art and filmmaking to promote their project and how they’re inspiring more and more neighborhoods to follow their model.

Source: Squirrel News

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