Europe’s next-generation night trains, new cheap Malaria vaccine, mural art reducing recidivism

Mural art

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Europe’s next-generation night trains aim to draw passengers away from planes, a new low-cost Malaria booster offers two years of protection, and a programme for women in Philadelphia tries to reduce recidivism with the help of mural art.

Europe’s next-generation night trains aim to draw passengers away from planes

Austrian national railway unveils design for NightJet trains due to come into service from next summer.

The Guardian

Newly developed low-cost Malaria booster offers two years of protection

A cheap Malaria booster vaccination being trialled is presenting good levels of protection that lasts up to two years, and could offer a much-needed affordable alternative.


Can community energy help people come through the winter?

Millions of low-income households risk falling into energy poverty this winter. Giving power back to the people may be the long-term solution.

Energy Monitor

When students don’t show up, attendance detectives are on the case

Attendance advocates in Greeley, CO, also help absent students re-engage with school and get back on track. But first, they’ve got to find them.


State of Maine provides classes on how to deal with issues on college enrollment

Maine, the state with the oldest population in America, has been dealing for a decade with the student decline now happening everywhere. It’s learned a few tricks.

The Hechinger Report

Amongst the immunity-boosting food craze, these bites could also be good for the planet

A recent review of literature on the topic has found that the six most recommended immunity-boosting foods are plant-based, and have a lower average environmental impact than other foods.


Scientists develop quick Parkinson’s swab test using lady who can ‘smell’ the disease

A team of researchers in the UK have developed a three-minute swab test for the disease by utilising the astonishing ability of a lady to detect Parkinson’s.


Mental health care on the streets

The Mount Vernon, WA, police have an embedded social worker. Her job is to meet and help people in trouble before a mental health crisis occurs.

Seattle Times

Teaching STEM through dirt bikes

An engineer-turned-educator says cities get it wrong when they criminalize Black youth’s hobbies, rather than seeing them as an opportunity.

Next City

Fighting food waste in Africa, this chef’s NGO is feeding thousands daily

Chef Elijah Addo, nicknamed ‘the plastic man’, has created an NGO in Senegal that feeds around six thousand people every day.


Mural art programme supports returning women to succeed

A programme in Philadelphia is using mural art to channel women returning from prison towards succeeding in their ambitions and reduce recidivism rates.

The Philadelphia Citizen

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