Every 2023 Movie With A 95% Or Higher On Rotten Tomatoes

The history of films made by YouTubers is mostly bleak, full of turgid vanity projects and impenetrable inside jokes. All the more impressive, then, that Danny and Michael Philippou of the RackaRacka YouTube channel made one of the scariest horror movies of the year. Not only do critics like “Talk to Me,” giving it a score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the general public has been more receptive to it than most A24 horror movies.

The killer set-up involves a bunch of Australian teenagers fooling around with an embalmed hand that allows them to see and become possessed by ghosts. The game proves particularly terrifying for the main character, Mia (Sophie Wilde), whose mother died by suicide two years prior. While some critics had issues with overdone story elements, the films’ craft was universally praised. Lauren Coates wrote for The AV Club, “Though it leans on familiar genre tropes and stylistic conventions, a devastating script and charismatic cast (spearheaded by Sophie Wilde) make ‘Talk To Me’ a terrifying and pervasively heartbreaking tale of grief.”

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