EVG: The first companies have improved the offer


EVG: The first companies have improved the offer

The EVG demands at least 650 euros more per month.

The EVG demands at least 650 euros more per month.

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The railway union is negotiating higher wages and shorter terms. Some companies have initial offers, but these are not yet satisfactory for the EVG.

Updated: 2023-04-06 21:34

Berlin. From the point of view of the railway and transport union (EVG), there is movement in the first companies in the wage conflict in the railways.

At the start of the second round of negotiations last week, the company Sinon (rail infrastructure in East Lower Saxony) offered a monthly wage increase of 220 euros for a period of 24 months instead of percentages, said EVG collective bargaining officer Cosima Ingenschay of the German Press Agency.

“The warning strike is having an effect in this respect,” emphasized Ingenschay. Nevertheless, the sum is too low and the term too long. “But at least there is movement.” In negotiations with the industry, the EVG is demanding at least 650 euros more per month or twelve percent for upper income earners and a term of twelve months. Overall, the union is gradually negotiating with around 50 railway companies.

EVG demands not affordable

The company Sinon confirmed the submission of the offer. In addition, an inflation compensation premium of 2500 euros was offered. According to Sinon, it has around 40 employees. According to a spokesman, the EVG demands are not affordable for the company.

Last week, EVG, together with Verdi, paralyzed large parts of public transport with a large-scale warning strike. However, there should be no negotiations over Easter and therefore no warning strikes either.

The focus of the collective bargaining is Deutsche Bahn, the largest employer with around 180,000 employees affected by the negotiations. The group and the EVG are expected to meet again on April 25th and 26th as part of the second round of negotiations.

The union had already rejected a first offer. Among other things, Deutsche Bahn had offered to raise wages by 3 percent from December of this year in a first step and by 2 percent from August 2024 in a second step. In addition, the group announced two tax-free one-time payments of 1,500 euros in May and 1,000 euros in January of the coming year.

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